Keeping The Insides Of Your Business Running

It's probably true and highly likely that we could all do a little more to look after our business. 

While maintenance of the business can take many forms - from changing locks on the door to revamping the copy on a business website so that it can be further optimized for search engines - we will be focusing on the maintenance of a physical business or storefront. 

It's often likely that a commercial property will be rented. This means that you can grab a bit of help in maintaining the site in the form of a landlord. Still, it's worth knowing how to keep the business running. Of course, if you aren't in a situation where the landlord can help with issues, you will still be required to hand back the rented site in the same conditions the site was in upon moving in

We'll start with one of the easily missed areas of commercial maintenance - the exterior of the property. This doesn't just mean the big fancy branding, no. Lights, windows, sidewalks and hardscaped garden areas might very well fall under your remit. The reason the exterior of a site is so important is because it is the first impression that your business makes. It's also of public value to have a good storefront as it makes the external area look more attractive. Keep a clean storefront, with bright exterior lighting. Work with your local authority to ensure sidewalks aren't chipped, cracked, wonky or broken outside your store. Trim the greenery owned by your business to keep everything looking good. 

It’s a good idea to focus on the workings of the business as well. Everything from the sprinkler system that activates in the event of a fire right through to the air conditioning units that ensure your employees don't overheat. All of this equipment wears out over time and could be a hindrance to the safety of the site if allowed to do so. Let's focus on the sprinkler system as an example. Learn from about the damage that corrosion can do to sprinkler systems and either work to replace a damaged system or maintain a working system. If the system fails when there is a fire, then that is a serious disaster. 

The hub, lobby or storefront is going to see a lot of foot traffic throughout the day. This means that beautification is going to take a place of priority as the most feet will fall in this area, and the most eyes will be browsing around. This obviously includes a heavy focus on cleaning as well. 

It’s also important to focus on the cleanliness and maintenance of restrooms. It doesn’t matter if they are only accessible by employees, the toilets need to be maintained, cleaned and supplied regularly. 

There’s plenty to keep you busy with running a business, but the infrastructure has to be sound. If your business is falling apart, it might be because the building is! Good business owners take responsibility for all aspects of their business.

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