When’s the Last Time You Took Your Car for Maintenance?

If you haven’t taken your vehicle to a repair shop for a long time, then it’s probably due for a regular maintenance checkup. If you aren’t looking after your vehicle by taking it to a garage on a regular basis then it can start developing engine or electrical faults that could cause troublesome accidents. For instance, your tire pressure can have a massive impact on your fuel economy as well as your traction, and your engine coolant might need a little top up to keep it running. 

Most new car owners neglect to take their vehicles to regular maintenance appointments because they either don’t use their car very often or they feel like they can handle it themselves. While it’s true that car maintenance can be done by yourself, it’s best to get a professional to look at your car in case there are faults beneath the surface that you might not know about. 

Tire Pressure 

The importance of tire pressure is something that many people don’t fully understand. If your tires are underinflated, your tire won’t hold its shape properly which causes your car to sink down. This means that the body of your car could scratch against the road as you drive and cause damage to your vehicle. In addition, more of the tire itself will come into contact with the road, causing it to wear out faster than it is rated for. Using a system like Safe T Tyre is a great way to monitor your tire pressure should it ever drop too low or be raised too high. A good quality tire pressure gauge is important if you want to get accurate readings each time so that you can ensure your tires are working at optimal efficiency. 

Check Your Blinkers 

Drivers behind you will signal at you if your blinkers don’t work, but this can be easy to miss and since they are on the back of your vehicle there’s a chance you won’t realise. You don’t want to be involved in a car accident because you didn’t realise that your blinkers weren’t working, so make sure to check these whenever possible to ensure you are letting drivers know where you intend to turn. 

Dirty Windshields 

Windshields are often overlooked, but a grimy and dirty windshield can contribute to accidents if you aren’t careful. In general, if your windscreen isn’t very clear then you need to be activating the wipers in order to clean it. If your wipers are stuck because they haven’t been used very often or because they’re caked in grime, then you need to take them to a car wash to get them cleaned. During heavy rain, your windscreen wipers need to be fully functional to give you a clear view of the road. Many accidents occur due to faulty wipers; there’s a simple fix for them and maintaining them doesn’t take much time. 

Take Your Car for Maintenance 

It doesn’t take long and it isn’t expensive to keep your car maintained, so put in some effort and get it cleaned up so that you don’t have any accidents while you’re out on the road. Stay safe!

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