What's Your Happy?

Happiness is a very broad term for most people. Understanding what it is that draws a smile, a warm feeling, the giddy adrenaline-fueled excitement that skitters round the veins when we encounter something beautiful is important. Life is full of news of doom and gloom and the overall ‘busy’ of life can really dampen spirits. If someone asks you what makes you happy, what comes to mind? The automatic answer that comes to us all when we think about what makes us happy, is our family and friends. People matter, and that’s why our brains immediately jump to people when we think of happiness. Happiness equals love and support, which is what family does. It takes looking a little deeper inside to discover what it is that make you truly happy. So, what are the most common things in life that make us smile? Is yours on this list?


For some, their happiness comes from their job. It’s likely not the commuting or the relentlessness of the office, but the feeling of accomplishment to get to the place you’re at. The years of studying and passing exams to climb the corporate ladder and reach the top of the career ladder feels like fulfillment. You’ve worked hard, you still are and you reap the rewards both emotionally and financially. If your job doesn’t make you happy, why are you doing it? 


We’ve mentioned family but I don’t mean parents and siblings, I mean children. When you’re a new mother, that feeling of overwhelming love is one of completeness and serenity amid the chaos of change. When you’re a new father, the natural instinct of pride that you’ve expanded the population is a chest-thumping one! Children make us happy and fulfill us in ways never thought possible. Little people who rely on us to survive, watching them learn why a bumblebee bumbles around the flowers and that look of pure delight when you walk into a room is enough to make us swell with happiness. 


Perhaps learning makes you happy. Taking in new books, learning how to cook from the basics up to a three-course delicacy gets your juices flowing. Maybe you enjoy diving into the imaginations of others, or have an imagination of your own that transcends everything you do, so choosing to learn how to write your own book with http://www.writersworkshop.co.uk/how-to-write-a-book.html would be what makes you feel contented. Sports, music, learning to sew and be creative; all of these come under hobbies that make us feel fantastic. Is this your happy? 

Identifying where you feel contented, fulfilled and emotionally serene is important for a balanced life. The next time you get out of bed and plan your day, are you including things that make you smile? Choosing to recognize things in life that make us feel low, worthless and depressed are the first steps to identifying what it is that can make your spirits lift. By channeling your energy and schedule into things that make you go home at the end of the day and feel like you’ve done something amazing, you can truly say you have reached a stage of happiness. 

So, we ask you again, what’s your happy?

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