The Process of Progress in Technology

Technology is improving our lives, but it’s also improving its own too. In the digital age, you can’t go a few years without a piece of technology being improved and bettered. Technology is in a constant state of growth in order to make sure that the consumers have always got something better to buy so that they can keep up with both the most state-of-the-art stuff, and the latest trends. Various pieces of technology have a long and distinguished history, and in this article you can see just a few of them. 

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For instance: the cable modem, a common computing component that is primarily used to deliver broadband Internet access, has gone through a heap of changes over the years. they were first introduced in 1977 and connected to the phone, which was, at this point, very cutting edge and very useful. By 1997 modems were reaching super speeds and this has lead right up to the cable modems of today, the best of which can be found and compared at the best cable modem 2016 & 2017 | Consumer Essentials. If cable modems hadn’t improved so much, then we would have slower access to the Internet, and that’s a nightmare for everybody, right? And the devices we use to access the Internet, i.e. laptops, have improved two-fold over the years also. In 1974 the MCM/70, first portable computer, was introduced and had an 800Khz processor. If you compare this to the MacBook Air of today that comes with a 1.8Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, you can really see the changes in power that have taken place within the devices. You can see the full timeline of the laptop by clicking here

When you think back to, or ever rewatch, pieces of fiction that were made in the 20th century, when the world was on the cusp of really letting technology in and embracing it, such as Back to the Future and Star Trek, you can see things that were predicted for the future back then that have actually already come to fruition in the modern day. A few of these, in Back to the Future, include: handless/wireless video games, handheld tablet computers, video conferencing and wall-mounted widescreen television. Even a few of the ‘futuristic’ gadgets used in Star Trek, a piece of fiction that is set 1000s of years in the future, now actually exist. Two of these include universal translators that now allow for languages to be translated instantly, and aspects of virtual reality that are now becoming popular in regards to video gaming. When you think about technology in this sense, and how fast it is seemingly moving forward, it really makes you think — how far can it go? 

So, although we are (as of yet) still waiting for a flying car that doesn’t need wheels, the way technology has advanced so quickly should be something to be proud of and should be seen as a testament to the knowledge that we humans possess, and the will to focus this knowledge in useful and cool ways.

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