Warning Signs Which Tell Your Employer You’re About To Leave

There is nothing wrong with looking for a new job and going for interviews. In fact, you owe it to yourself and your family to enhance your career. After all, there is no loyalty in business, and an employer would act the same way. Still, it’s important not to make your decision common knowledge around the office. Although there are rules in place to protect workers, your boss can still make life difficult. With that in mind, here are the signs that managers attribute with a quick exit. As is turns out, you can say a lot without speaking. 

Searching For Jobs At Work 

Yep, people have been found out for this reason. To be fair, it isn’t hard to see why it happens if you have a lot of spare time. The boredom starts to set in, there is nothing to do, and you think the admin clerk vacancies are available to apply for now so why wait? Still, it’s always an excellent idea to avoid the temptation just in case someone is watching. The boss doesn’t even need to see it happen because they have spies everywhere. Always keep this rule in your thoughts: don’t defecate where you eat. 

More Social Media Connections 

A new friend on Facebook or follower on Twitter doesn’t seem suspicious to you. To bosses, though, it’s the first thing they notice. Employers understand that the dynamics of the job search has evolved over the years and it now takes place online. As a result, potential job hunters use platforms like LinkedIn to secure a better position. So, the alarm bells will start to ring when there is activity on your account. The best option is to restrict what they can and can’t view, even though it’s dangerous. Another trick is to make a fake account to throw them off the scent. 

Rejecting Job Offers 

Sneaky employers might look to test your loyalty by providing a new job role and gauging your reaction. If you seem hesitant and reject the offer, there is something fishy afoot. However, their fears will dissipate if you accept. There is a simple solution here – take it no matter your plans. Most of the time the offer is cosmetic as there is no promotion. Either way, saying yes isn’t a binding agreement, so you can always pull out if it doesn’t materialize. 

Taking Time Off 

Most companies operate on the same schedule, which means you’ll need time off to negotiate a new offer. The problem is that asking for time off is complicated as you can't tell the truth for obvious reasons. But, if you get caught in the lie, you will burn a lot of bridges. Nowadays, people in your position try and organize a meeting for the weekend to avoid this hurdle. Also, don’t make the meeting place somewhere that is frequented by anyone in the office. It’s a rookie mistake and one that’s easy to avoid. Finally, don’t tell anyone at work. You might have loyal friends, yet there is no point taking the risk.

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