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Be a Gaming God with These Tech Accessories

No matter how you like to play games, you probably like to win. You might not be good at everything you play, but you do have more fun if you're eventually able to move on to the next level. You might be a casual gamer who plays with their phone when they get a break or a serious gamer who has all the latest gear, and it can still be equally frustrating when you can't get something right. Sometimes, having the right tech will help you to react faster or be more accurate. You can turn yourself into a gaming god using a few pieces of equipment. 

For Computer Gamers 

If you play games on your computer, the controls you use are likely to be mostly keyboard-based. You might also use the mouse, but keyboards are often best for multiple commands in quick succession. The mouse is reserved for slower simulations and sandbox games. If you want a keyboard upgrade, recommends a mechanical keyboard. They're more responsive so you can react faster and with more accuracy. When you use a mechanical keyboard, you often get a much more tactile experience, making you feel more connected to your game. It's worth investing in one if you're a serious gamer just like when you do look for the best hard drive for gaming also. 


For Console Gamers 

Like any gamer, those who play on consoles range from casual gamers who do it to relax all the way up to serious people who take part in tournaments. Like computer games, you might be looking for more control and accuracy. One tip is to try leaving the original console controllers behind and try another brand like Kontrol Freek. There are different controllers for different types of game, including racing, shooters, and classic games. Apart from controllers, you might consider investing in multiple monitors or getting a great headset, which can be particularly good for multiplayer games. 

For Mobile Gamers

People who play games on their phone are likely to be pretty casual gamers. They play on their commute or during a lull in their day. Other gamers are often pretty disparaging of them, and wouldn't tend to recognize them as gamers at all. But you're still playing games, and you probably still want to be good at them. One thing you can do is get apps, particularly for Android, that will help to improve your phone's performance. You can find some examples at You might also consider using a controller with your phone for some games. 

For Handheld Gamers 

Handheld games consoles are also pretty popular. The Nintendo 3DS and now the Switch, as well as PlayStation's portable options, are some examples. Part of being skilled on these devices is partly about choosing the right one for you and selecting the best games. With a handheld unit, pretty much everything you need should be included. You might like to hook your handheld player up to a bigger screen, which is why Nintendo have been combining handheld and consoles. 

However you like to play video games, there are some tech tips you can pick up to improve your performance.

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