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Working Hard? How To Stay On The Ball

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just aren't able to focus and stay organized. Whether that be because you have other things going on in your life while working, or you just aren't very good at keeping your concentration - there's no need to worry. Here you can find the best tips and tricks to keep you on the ball at work. 

Make sure your desk is clean 

Messy home, messy mind, right? Well, the same goes for your work environment too. If you sit down at your desk ready to work and there's clutter covering it, how do you expect to have a good day? A clean desk is a happy desk, and the prettier it looks to the eye, the easier it will be to work at. Plus, you'll know where everything is because it's tidy, so you won't have to have that mad 2-minute panic because you can't find a pen and you're supposed to be taking notes from the conversation you're having over the phone! (We've all been there...) Remember that your performance begins in the environment you're in, so if that's not a good one, you just aren't going to be able to perform to the best of your abilities. 

Have a planner

Create yourself a planner on your computer, phone or android that has google calendar sms appointment reminders. This is great because you can plan out your day, week, month, or even year, and you will get notifications telling you what you have to do that day and at what time. That way you're always ready, and nothing can sneak up on you, like that staff meeting that you always used to turn up late to! Plus, if you fill all of your tasks and appointments in in advance, you don't have to get stressed trying to remember things; you can just let go until you're notified otherwise. 

Try not to multitask 

This may sound a little contradictory because you want to be working hard not slacking, but it's actually the best way to work. You should only focus on one task at a time until you start another. Not only will you complete it a lot faster, but it's a lot more productive too. Research shows that it takes a human mind 26 minutes before it's able to continue a task after being interrupted, so imagine that happening while you're juggling four different things at a time! 

Make sure you take breaks 

For a lot of people, the idea of taking a break throughout their workload is put off because they feel guilty doing so. Sometimes we think that the longer we take - even if it be 5 minutes for a quick coffee - that's 5 minutes that could've been put towards something productive. This shouldn't be the case at all though; it is so important to take time out for a 30-minute lunch break to keep you level-headed and organized. Taking a break means you give yourself a chance to daydream, and daydreaming opens up the mind and frees it from any negative work impurities that reside there.

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