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Legal Ways To Make Your Look Car Better Than The Rest

So you’ve bought a car off the lot, and it really doesn’t look a lot. It’s a base color, and it’s a standard model. It doesn’t really do a lot for your style or appearance. But hey, it’s safe and economical. OK, none of that matters when you want to make a statement! If you want your motor to impress, then don’t panic. There are plenty of upgrades and alterations you can make to even the most boring of compacts. Try some of these tips to improve the look of your new wheels: 

Wash, Wax, Protect 

If you bought a brand new car, then the body work has already had a polish. But even factory fresh models will need a bit of work to keep that body in good shape. Valeting is essential if you want the paint to stay pristine. And if you’re changing the paint job, then these tips are essential. 

Pick a wash or shampoo product that is designed for the job. Standard detergent will destroy your paint work! It needs to be pretty powerful though to cut through the muck and debris that cars collect when they’re outside the garage. Take your time to cut into the trims, arches, and the inside facing door frame. If you take care of the paint, none of the metal in your motor should be exposed. Exposure can lead to degradation and even rust. 

The wax brings out the shine, and it also provides a protective layer or barrier to prevent hard buildups of dirt. When you consider how many exhaust pipes are chugging out muck when you’re stuck in traffic, it’s easy to see how cars get so dirty so quickly. If you buy a good product, there is no need to double coat. 

Tires And Trims 

If you’ve bought a good car with good tires, it’s important you look after them. Tires can be painted to bring back that absolute black we all love. Trims and alloys are easily scuffed on the road. They can be replaced, but it is usually cheaper to use a special cutting paint that will mask the damage. Some people even use sticky plastic covers to protect their trims as these are a little more hard wearing. 

You might not be able to afford the fastest car in the world, but you can still reach serious speeds with the smallest of motors. Your tires need to be appropriate for the vehicle and in good condition to be able to stop you safely in an emergency. In most places, good tires are a legal requirement, so check yours monthly for pressure and tread. 

You can buy bigger rims, wider tracks, and better quality tires than those supplied with the vehicle. Remember, if you make significant changes, your odometer may no longer be accurate. Consider your fuel economy and the use of the vehicle when selecting your new treads. 

Interior Hygiene 

If you want your car to impress, then it needs to look good on the inside too. Valeting your car includes cleaning out the inside. Dust builds up on the consoles, and crummies from snacks can fill your footwells. Clear out the trash and get the vacuum out. You can also use an interior polish to make the plastics and woods more dust resistant. It should bring up a good shine too, and it will smell a lot better in there. 

As for the fabrics and leathers, make sure you treat them with respect. Studs on the back of your pants or jeans can rip into leather. And if your seat surfaces are vinyl, they might be even more vulnerable to wear and tear. You can custom order covers or re-upholster your seats. This gives your car a fresh and unique new look, complete with the color of your choice. 

Lift It 

Trucks are meant for height. Unfortunately, when you order direct from the factory or the lot, you get what you get. Lifting your truck can improve your drive experience as well as the handling of the vehicle. You’ll need to use a professional suspension lift company to get you the height you’re looking for to suit your vehicle. When you order a lift kit for your truck, you might be keen to change the tires or trims and rims. Pick accessories that suit your vehicle. 

The point of a suspension lift is to give you the clearance you need. It might improve the performance of your vehicle over different terrains. Most importantly, it can open up an opportunity to select different sized tires that suit your style. 


Rear spoilers or aero upgrades can look absolutely ridiculous if they’re there for the sake of winging your back end. If you’re using the aerodynamics correctly, then you’ll find you have the downforce your vehicle needs for much better handling. The reduction of drag from altering the air stream should also improve your fuel economy. Bigger isn’t always better. And no, there isn’t much point in shaving that tenth of a second off your 0-60. 

Comfort And Class 

Looking good should feel good, so why not upgrade your interior to be more comfortable? Start with your control console. These are usually easy to rip out and replace with a better touch screen model that includes your satellite navigation and audio system. It should offer more safety and a more intuitive interface too. 

As for the seats? You can custom build the entire seat to better fit your body shape. After all, your precise measurements weren’t on hand in the factory! Sports seats cradle the body, offer more protection and a lot more padding. They are thought to be safer because of the shape, so don’t assume extra foam will prevent a whiplash injury! 

If you drive long distances, then you need to feel comfortable for longer periods. Top up your air con for that extra blast of cool air. Install heated seats to feel more comfortable in winter. And add an ergonomically designed steering wheel for greater grip and easier handling. 

Fresh Color 

Any car can be resprayed. You might do this so you can enjoy a custom color, or it might be necessary to bring the body up to a better finish. A fresh color will look a lot better, even if you’ve ordered direct from the factory. The other benefit is that your car will instantly be unique - nobody else has that color! Body work like this often needs to be “oven baked,” so be prepared to be without your car for a day if you go ahead. 

Of course, you could also add detail to your vehicle like graphics, sponsors, or simple artwork. Most people reserve this type of body enhancement for the American classics, so consider your choice carefully! 

Sports Pedals 

Changing the pedals in your car can improve your comfort and focus your drive. Sports pedals also look a lot better than those plasticky, rubber-coated things most vehicles come with. Premium pedals should also last a bit longer, as they are built for greater wear and tear. Change your style by changing your pedals. 

It is possible to turn an average car into a hot new model you’re proud to show off. After all, the vehicle you drive says a lot about you. You don’t have to buy a high-end vehicle or even spend a lot of money. Just a few accessories, enhancements, and a little care can offer you the car of your dreams. What do you drive?

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