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Method In The Fashion Madness: Make Any Outfit Look Classy

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if a money tree did exist, enabling you to buy any outfit you wanted, no matter the price tag? While it’s okay to dream about these things, the reality is that many of us need to budget for clothes and work with what we have. So how can an outfit look “put together” without needing to fork out the serve price tags? It’s easy, there are certain steps you can take, methods you can put in place, and things that you can do to help you make any outfit look classy. I thought I would share with you what some of them are. Hopefully helping you out with your fashion dramas. 


Keep it clean and ironed 

It may sound so very basic, but how many of your hands on heart avoid ironing your clothing? Unless you really have to. The truth is the day of doing all of your washing and ironing on the same day for the week ahead has gone, and we are now in the culture of iron as we go or not even at all. But the difference a clean and fresh steam can do to a garment is amazing. It sits better on your figure, and it instantly looks “put together” and classy. Why not try and get into the habit of ironing clothes more regularly. Once you feel the difference and see it in the outfit, you won’t want to give up this new habit, that is for sure. 

Add some jewelry into the mix 

Sometimes all it takes is the right accessories to really lift an outfit and make them look and feel completely different. One of those things is the addition of jewelry. Statement pieces can really transform the way a dress or top looks, for example, a necklace or a statement pair of earrings can really add huge value to your complete outfit. Making it appear expensive, and more sophisticated. 

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Consider a capsule wardrobe 

Changing the seasons with your clothing can be quite a costly thing to do. So many people consider something like a capsule wardrobe that can see them through the changes of seasons with just the addition of a few different pieces here and there. For example, a dress can see you through the summer and the winter with the change of how you wear it. For example, adding tights and ankle boots in the winter and wearing with sandals in the summer. You can find a dress online easily enough, and they can be quite versatile if you pick the right one. The same can be said for other things like tops and jeans. The secret to a capsule wardrobe is to be able to mix and match and layer up and down, depending on the weather. 

A handbag is a great accessory

Whether you invest in designer bags or like to hit the high street for replica styles, a handbag can be a great addition to an outfit and can be the difference between class and sophistication or casual and chic. The choice of bag can make the outfit. Something tailored and leather could be more classy, than the standard shopping tote bag that can make an outfit look casual. Choose the right bag to match the look you are going for and you can’t go wrong. 

Be more mindful of the cut 

Fashion trends can often be dictated by the cut of certain garments. However, in some cases, these don’t tend to be reproduced at high street level too well. If you find yourself seeing a certain cut on the catwalk, unless you can get the quality and matching cut, don’t try and replicate a fashion trend that you can’t pull off. Stick with the cuts that suit your body shape, especially when going for more tailored and classy outfits. 

How you present yourself is key 

Often when considering what you are wearing and the outfit you choose, we can forget that how we present ourselves can have much to do with our general appearance. For example, how you wear your hair can dictate whether you are going for a more casual laid back look or something more classy and sophisticated. Hair up with little fuss can be the epitome of classy, in comparison to a messy top knot which has a more casual appeal. You might also want to consider how you wear makeup. A finished look can be sophisticated whereas relaxed makeup that looks more natural can give off the impression of a casual approach to your outfit. 


Dress with your body shape in mind 

We are all different shapes and sizes, and with that comes the ideal of certain fits and clothes types fitting certain body shapes better. It is all about dressing to your shape if you want your outfit to look classy and sophisticated. Take time to work out what sort of shape you have, there is no wrong answer to this, and understanding your body shape better will make shopping far easier and even more appealing. Think about how tall you are as well, and take into consideration your skin tone in regards to certain colors. Some people suit cooler shades whereas others suit warmer tones. 

Shoes can make or break an outfit 

Finally, the shoes you choose can sometimes be an afterthought, but again, they can really make your outfit and help you achieve the overall look you are after. We all know that wearing jeans is quite simple. Team them with sandals, flats or trainers, and you have a casual look. Team them up with a pair of heels or ankle boots, and they suddenly look and feel more dressed up. Think about the shoes you wear and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. 

I hope that these tips and tricks help you to make any outfit classy, or certainly help to dress with the style and appearance you have in mind. Less is often more in terms of fashion.

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