When people hear this word they usually think of photo manipulation, but they do not realize how useful this device is for application of amazing makeup. The best special effects makeup artists and beauty makeup artists in the movie industry use air brushes to create their amazing designs.

Why is the airbrush so amazing? The airbrush gives you even and fine coverage that you can’t get anywhere else. Some companies tried to replicate this with aerosol cans of makeup that really just sputtered and sprayed gobs of makeup after a while. If you adjust the tip of the airbrush, you can also create extremely fine details with sharp edges or blend everything together perfectly. It’s hard to understand how amazing this tool really is.

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An airbrush creates an extremely fine spray of makeup, so if you plan to get one and use it in your routine, get some nursing scrubs. When you apply your base with an airbrush, it gets on your clothes and these will help you prevent ruining your outfit for the night because they can slip right over them. Because they are so baggy, they are also easily taken off without ruining your makeup.

Remember that this is not a small investment, but it can replace half of those expensive brushes in your makeup kit. You are going to need a good quality airbrush a compatible air pump and a lot of practice. The type of air pump is extremely important. You want one with a moisture filter to prevent condensation inside the unit that will be sprayed out with the makeup and cause sputtering. Continuous flow pumps are important as well. If you get a pump that does not offer a continuous flow you are going to have pulses of pressure that will make it impossible to control the flow of makeup.

You will also want to get a good video that shows you how to use, clean and maintain your airbrush. If you can, a hands on class focused on makeup application with an airbrush will prove to be indispensable. In no time you will be hitting the scene with perfectly applied, striking makeup.

Image Source: ScrubGallery website 

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