Vroom, Vroom -- Mustang Performance Go Boom! Aftermarket goes ca-ching!

2014 Ford Mustang Convertible

The Mustang brand has been the biggest name in muscle cars since one went mano a mano against, believe it or not, James Bond's Aston Martin way back in 1964.

(It's an early bit of genius Ford product placement you can see in "Goldfinger." Another 'Stang pops in the follow-up Bond flick, "Thunderball," also. Love them old spy flicks.)

Ever since, Mustang performance upgrades have been a mega industry.

I have no idea how many headers, intake manifolds, and other vehicular knick-knacks and doodads have been sold. I know it's what my friends would call (cleaning it up a bit), "a freakin' buttload."

I can guess, it's enough to put some gearheads in the poorhouse and others (the ones who make them and install them) on Easy Street.

Right now, though, one popular trend for those with more recent models are performance chips that basically tell your car "be better."

Chips seem to have that power these days; they're like a really tough but fair boss. Maybe.

Performance chip manufacturers say they increase both performance and fuel efficiency. That obviously makes them a very tempting purchase for those considering a Mustang performance upper.

In today's economy, and the price of gas being what it is, it seems pretty obvious these things are going to continue to sell.

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