Staying Feminine in A Man's World

There are a lot of industries in the Western world that have typically been run by men and women are still trying to take a foothold in these areas. One of these businesses is the trucking industry. Women are still trying to get the respect they deserve as a trucker and it's been a long time coming. While a lot of male truckers hold the female ones in respect, there are many that still jeer and leer at these women drivers. 

This means that women have to stay strong while remaining feminine in a man's world. Finding the perfect balance is often a difficult task and some women aren’t able to stand up to the battle ahead. It takes a lot of strength to face these things on a day-to-day basis and the only way to do it is to know for certain that you are in the profession you want to be in; and that nothing will stop you from being there. 

A woman needs to know when to stand up for her rights and when it's best just to walk away. In 99% of the cases it's just a matter of walking away from the situation. Arguing with a man over women's rights is just going to leave you feeling less powerful because it is a no-win situation. By walking away, however, you have built up your own credibility and can hold your head high.

It is interesting to note that in the trucking world there are now bathrooms set up separately for men and women in most truck stops. Women are now free to don their womens bathrobes after a shower and not worry about a man seeing them. They can take their time to apply cream and makeup at the bathroom sink in their women's bathrobes because they have been accepted by the trucking industry as a solid force that isn't going to be going anywhere soon.

There are a lot of other industries that have been male oriented in the past and women are still trying to make their move into them. When most people think of women entering the workforce they think of the standard businesses where women are routinely accepted. Women have marked their place as doctors, lawyers and CEO's of major corporations. Now there is just a small fight remaining for the few remaining businesses where women still have to fight for the respect that they deserve.

Staying feminine in a man's world often means just walking away from a fight. There are plenty of men out there that will give you the respect you should have and they are the ones that deserve your time.

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