Walang Hanggan Fever

Everyone is so hooked with teleseryes nowadays. It’s so well-loved that it’s already been a part of our everyday lives. The hottest teleserye in Pinoy TV now is called “Walang Hanggan”. It’s a story of love, coupled with deception and dark secrets buried long ago.

The cast is made up of showbiz royalties like Susan Roces and Helen Gamboa. Susan here plays the role of a responsible elder sister to Helen, who is a tyrannical and controlling Donya. Big names like Dawn Zulueta, Richard Gomez and Rita Avila are also in the said teleserye. Dawn and Richard used to be lovers, but due to Helen’s (Richard’s mom) manipulation, the two separated, which made the way clear for Rita to pursue Richard.

The second generation young lovers here are Coco Martin (Richard and Dawn’s son whom they thought was dead) and Julia Montez which forms a love triangle with Paulo Avelino (Rita and Richard’s son). All their lives become once again intertwined because of revenge: Dawn and Coco’s revenge against the Montenegro Family for ruining their lives. Here they will discover secrets so deep. But amidst all the hatred, one can still see that love prevails. The antagonists and protagonists are so effective with their roles. Also, the story has twists and turns which keep you wanting for more.

“Walang Hanggan”, along with other teleseryes on TV is so successful because its story is not at all cliché and Filipinos of all ages can connect with it. For my family, it’s our bonding time. We hook ourselves in front of the TV, we follow each scene, and we cry, we laugh, we feel giddy and we swoon along with the characters. So for me, it’s not just entertainment; it’s a way of life. I’m just so excited to see what’s going to happen next…

Image taken from Showbiz Portal

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