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My Team Monitor, Employee Monitoring Software
Online jobs and opportunities have indeed plagued in the web since the last few years. This has become a trend for companies in the first world to hire the highly capable people in the developing countries. 

Outsourcing has made a big impact in the lives of many people who are now working online. With this type of work, the bosses and employers need to ensure that they are not wasting money on people who are working in the remote. 

Managing workers via online is hard but this has been made easier through the development of the Employee Monitoring Software. By using this kind of software, employee supervision is not anymore a heavy burden for team managers. The software would automatically take screenshots of the employee once he has logged into the system. Aside from that, the software also keeps track of the keystrokes and mouse clicks. 

The benefit of this software is not just for the employers but also the workers also have a share of benefits namely: getting discipline while working and time is precisely recorded. 

Employee Monitoring Software, My Team Monitor
How to Get an Employee Monitoring Software

This software which has been made for remote workers to do their tasks with transparency and in this way, employers can also build trust for the employees. 

a. Sign up as the Employer or the Boss or Team Manager. 
b. Then, add the rest of the remote workers. 
c. Instruct the employees to download the software. 
d. From there, you can start monitoring the online workers. 

Advantages of the Software 

Hassle-Free. Unlike any other Employee Monitoring Software, this one from myteammonitor.com needs no expert to use and another advantage is that the employer would not be hassled to download this type of software. The manager will just use his own browser in order to monitor the workers.

Easy and Quick Set-up. In just a span of 60 seconds, employees from the remote can use immediately the software after a successful download. 

Provides Large Space. While other products have a small limit of 10 to 20 employees which could use the monitoring software, this one could accommodate up to 100 workers. This innovation on remote worker monitoring is done simply to generate transparency even in an online work atmosphere: between the employer and the workers.

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