America's Next Top Model Cycle 18: The British Invasion

Supermodel Tyra Banks is back for the newest season of America’s Next Top Model. It’s Cycle 18 this time. This reality show is one of the most successful reality shows in the US. What makes this cycle different from the previous ones is that it is a competition between models from Great Britain and America. They call this cycle “The British Invasion”. Tyra herself chose 7 British and & 7 American girls and put them together in one house. So yes, it’s Brits versus Yanks this time. Each race will prove that theirs is the best.

America's Next Top Model Cycle 18 British Invasion, ANTM
America's Next Top Model Cycle 18 British Invasion

There’s also another catch, the Brits were former contestants of the British Next Top Model seasons while the Americans have no experience whatsoever with modeling. That makes the Brits way ahead of the Americans since they are not amateurs anymore. And oh, I just love their English accent. It makes me think of Harry Potter all the time.

Personally, I am rooting for the Brits, particularly Ashley. I first saw her when she joined British Next Top Model, and I am more excited now that she made it to ANTM. She has a memorable face with eyes that always smiles, distinctive freckles and a great, rocking body. She has that kind of look that’s made for couture and high fashion that will click in the International Market. What I am so excited about is the fact that our very own Filipino designer Francis Libiran will be dressing the girls in one of its photoshoots also which will be aired tonight.

This cycle is totally a kick ass entertainment like we haven’t seen before. I am sure of that!

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