Thursday, June 01, 2017

Bring Your Customers Closer To Your Business (And Reap The Rewards!)

You need to have a good relationship with your customers if you want to achieve greatness. For me, it’s all about making them feel like they’re really part of your company. Bring them closer to your business, and they’ll start to relate to you more, which can help boost customer loyalty, which leads to great sales figures in the future. 

How can you bring your customers closer to your business? It’s simple, here are a few ideas: 

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Create A Client Portal 

A client portal allows your customers to create an account and views their orders/interact with your business. It’s a very popular method of bringing them closer to your company, particularly if you offer services. They can keep track of their orders and see when you’ve completed things as well as helping you by collaborating via the portal. There are many ways you can integrate a client portal on your website, you just need a white label solution so you can customize it to suit your site and business. Now, your customers can log in and keep up to date with everything, it makes life so much easier for them as they’re never being forced to chase you around for updates. They’re always in the loop, which brings them so much closer to your business. 

Offer Exclusives

Keep your customers close to your company by offering them various exclusives. When you have an upcoming product/service being released, offer your existing customers a sneak peek at it. If you have a launch party for something, offer tickets to your loyal customers bringing them along. Essentially, provide them with things that regular consumers don’t get. This makes your customers feel special as they know they’re getting all this exclusive stuff. It shows them they’re valued, and also makes them feel part of your company. Consequently, your relationship is improved and you start gaining more and more loyal customers. 

Involve Your Customers 

Following on from the point above, you should also think about involving your customers whenever you can. What does this mean? It means asking for their input on certain things. Contact them and ask for feedback or ask for their thoughts on new products/services. Make them a big part of your production process as you want to create things that your customers will enjoy. Not only will this ensure your company sells things they know will be a big hit, but it also makes your customers feel very close to your business. They’ve played a big part in helping you do things, which strengthens your bond. 

When your customers feel close to your business, it can only mean good things. They’ll identify with your brand, and start feeling attached to your company. This strengthens their loyalty, helping you retain customers

Bearing that in mind, if you want to reap the rewards of customer loyalty, then you need to follow the advice above. Make them feel valued, make them feel like they’re a big part of your business, and you will see many benefits in the future.

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