Saturday, June 03, 2017

Sourcing The Capital For Your Startup

The thing about setting up startup is that while the overheads are fairly low, you still need some money in your pocket to begin. That means your dream of becoming a business mogul may just have to be put on hold unless you can source the capital to pay for your startup. Luckily you will find a guide that outlines all of your options for doing this below. 

Personal backing 

One way to fund your startup is to do so with your own personal money. Of course, this is risky because if things don't work out, then you will be out of pocket. It can also be difficult to find enough money in the short term to allow you to launch your startup, but it's not impossible. 

Some people pay a visit to their financial planners for advice, cashing in some of their investments or savings to pay for their business ventures. While others choose to remortgage their home or sell other valuable items to find the cash. 

Business loan 

But for many folks, finding the funding to start up a business from their own money is not just practical. If this is the situation that you find yourself in, then you may want to consider a business loan from your bank. 

Usually to be granted a loan you will need to present a business plan, with projected profits for the first three years. Then if the business consultant sees potential in your idea and in your figures, they will grant you the loan. 

Of course, you need to be careful of the interest rate. As for some loan you can end up paying back a lot more that you borrowed. Also be wary of the payment terms, and you don't want to incur any extra fees if you miss a payment, or want to pay things back earlier that it states in your agreement. 


Something else that it is also worth pursuing if you are trying to raise funds to start up a business are grants offered by charitable organizations and the government. 

These differ from region to region. But in particular small businesses, or business with a creative or socially conscious element are often encouraged by offering capital to help them get off the ground. 

The process for application for one of these grant varies, but expect to have several interviews as well as your business plan and figures scrutinized. Just like you would if you went to the bank for a loan. The best thing about this grant is of course that you don't have to pay them back, so there is no interest or repayments to eat into your profits. 


Lastly, a workable option for any startup is to seek investment to help get them off the ground. This is when you have money given to you to grow your business in return for a share of your company or the profits. 

Obviously, you will have to be careful with the negotiations and how much you give up of your company to get it off the ground. But if things go well, it can be the mutually beneficial situation for both you and the investor.

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