Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Small Companies' Secret To Success: Outsourcing Where It Matters

Small companies need to be smart with their resources. Indeed, while they need to address every business need in the organization, it doesn’t mean that each requirement has to become an internal job. There is one important thing about small businesses: They are designed around a streamlined hierarchy, where no position in wasted. Consequently, if a specific skill is necessary for the business process to run smoothly, it will have to guarantee full-time or part-time activity for the company to hire new talent. For any business process that doesn’t offer the possibility of an internal job, then the company needs to find an alternative: Outsourcing. 

Outsourcing is extremely common in large organizations where external teams, suppliers, and agencies join for the duration of a project or as recurring service suppliers. However, it is commonly accepted that small companies don’t outsource their work for fear of high cost. This is a myth of the business world. All companies can have access to the outsourcing market. Where there is a need, there is a suitable supplier. 

Outsourcing Like A Pro 

Small companies need to obey the same rules than large organizations when they decide to embrace the potential of outsourcing suppliers and skills. Indeed, the secret of a successful relationship with your suppliers lies in mutual respect. From a company perspective, it is about respecting the contract and paying on time. This establishes your company as a reliable client. It doesn’t mean that the path to outsourcing will be smooth: You need to lay out a clear and structured plan about what you need. It isn’t always an easy task; it’s not uncommon for companies to be only able to define exactly what they need after they’ve already agreed on a different service package with the supplier. Keeping an open and honest communication will help to sort things out, as, after all, your supplier can’t know what you fail to communicate. The more you talk to them, the better they will support your company growth and understand your needs. 

The Most Common Functions You Can Outsource 
As a small company, there are a variety of functions that you can outsource, from IT to HR. 
  • IT services - Small teams can find it tricky to organize their hardware and digital security requirements, especially if nobody is a computer expert. As a result, outsourcing IT support needs to an expert agency enables the business to manage IT issues and restructuring without wasting time and money. Computer faults is a common complaint in office. Therefore it’s best to have a certified expert who can manage your IT network rapidly and efficiently. 
  • Marketing - While marketing is essential to business growth, it doesn’t mean that small companies can invest in building a marketing team for their needs. More and more marketing agencies are taking on small specialist projects for companies. From building a new website to managing SEM campaigns online, a marketing agency is a partner that the company can rely on to grow their market. 
  • Accounting & HR- Administrative roles, such as accounting and human resources management, are essential. But they don’t always require a permanent member of staff. As a result, it is not uncommon to work with a professional accounting agency on a weekly basis to keep ahead of books, invoicing and taxes. Similarly, some companies work with an HR consultant who has a weekly or twice-weekly presence in their office to help to sort out employees’ issues.

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