Monday, June 05, 2017

Everything You Need For A Fantastic Home Office

When you make the decision to work from home, it’s very tempting to work in bed or on the sofa and stay in your pyjamas all day, but this can hurt your productivity and put you behind on your paperwork. Whether you’re self-employed or just telecommuting, to be successful you need to act as though you’re still getting up to go to an office. The best way to achieve this is to create a home office to promote productivity. Here are a few suggestions to get you started. 

A quiet room 

To maintain your work/life balance, you need to keep your work separate from the rest of the house. Set yourself up in a quiet room, and keep the door closed during office hours for privacy. Most people work best if they eliminate any background noise, so setting up a space in the living room with the TV on might be too distracting. Make sure your office has enough natural light coming through, as well as a well-lit lamp in case you work into the night. You could even make the office your own by painting it a color that you like. 


If you’re sticking to normal office hours, you’re going to spend around eight hours a day sitting at your new desk. In which case, you need to take precautions against back pain, fatigue, and eye strain. You can do this by getting an ergonomic office chair from Crossford as these provide the necessary lumbar and pelvic support to promote healthy posture. Good spinal alignment leads to reduced headaches, back pain, and it can significantly improve breathing, concentration, and endurance through long hours of seated task work. You should also reduce eye strain by taking a break every twenty minutes. This will go a long way to reducing headaches and fatigue. 

Clear space 

No matter where you work, paperwork has a nasty habit of following you everywhere. Since you’re likely to be working in a tight space, it’s best to stay on top of your paperwork and have an effective filing system in place. If you have the tendency to leave things lying around, a pile of clutter will form before you even realize it, and it will make your office feel cramped, overwhelming, and it will reduce your willingness to work. Remember, keeping your space tidy for work also allows you to have space to think. 

Good technology 

If you’re working from home it’s easy to feel like you have no co-workers picking up the slack when you’re overwhelmed, but you would be mistaken. Technology is the best colleague all remote workers can have, because it can significantly reduce the amount of paperwork you need to organize, and it can make make everything run more efficiently; that is, if it works. We’ve all felt the frustration and panic when your computer experiences a technical fault with an upcoming deadline. If your technology is breaking down one too many times, it’s time for an upgrade.

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