Thursday, June 08, 2017

New to Driving? Here Are Some Friends You Should Make

When you’re new to anything, it’s good to have friends to help you out and assist you in understanding things that you’re unclear about. Most driving tests are fairly comprehensive, but they don’t teach you everything you need to know about car ownership and it’s a lifelong journey that comes with a lot of mistakes, successes and even accidents. However, you could get a fantastic head start on that journey by making some friends along the way. 

Local mechanics 

If you want to learn more about your vehicle, then there’s no better place to visit than your local auto repair garage. Befriend the mechanics there whenever you visit to inspect your car or repair something and you’ll pick up plenty of tidbits of information. The more interest you show in your vehicle, the less likely the mechanics will rip you off by charging exorbitant prices and the better your relationship will be. 

A more experienced driver 

Everyone needs a mentor in life no matter what they do, and the ultimate mentor for a new driver is a more experienced one. It could be a parent, a friend, uncle or even your driving instructor that you made friends with. Whoever it is, make sure you keep in touch with them and ask them for advice whenever you’re unsure. Perhaps you experienced a frustrating situation where you were sandwiched by two vehicles, or maybe you saw behaviour on the road that you didn’t learn during your lessons and want to know more ways to avoid accidents. Whatever the situation, remember to keep asking them questions when they have time. 

A less experienced driver

Being able to mentor a friend or family member in driving is fantastic because it forces you to conjure up knowledge about driving. This means you’ll get to make those points clear in your head, they might ask you questions you’ve never thought about, and it’s a fantastic way to remember old driving lessons that you may have completely forgotten. 

Experienced drivers in the area 

Whether you’re new in town or you’ve just got your car, driving in a new area can be daunting because you don’t know the roads, you don’t know the places that will get congested during rush hour and you have no idea how to get around without a GPS. If your neighbors or friends have been driving in the area for a while, then consult them when it comes to avoiding rush hour, how to prepare your vehicle for the next season, and other little bits of information that will come in handy. 

Car enthusiasts 

Whether you’re thinking of buying a new vehicle or if you’re picking your very first car, enthusiasts will be more than willing to help you out. Go and visit a subreddit, forum or local car meet-up and you’ll find hundreds of people that are willing to give you advice, help you optimise your vehicle, give you tips on how to save money and even point you to review websites for new vehicles.

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