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How Software Developers Give A Helping Hand To Business Owners

When operating a business, it is good to know there a range of technologies and online software opportunities available to help you in the day to day running of your company. There will undoubtedly be tasks that you feel under-equipped to manage, so finding out what services will benefit you is important in making your life easier. 

In this useful guide, we will consider what tools you need from the startup of your business, through to its successful operation on a daily basis. 

In the beginning 

Before your business comes to fruition, you need to formulate a plan. Failure to do so will bring you trouble in the long term and could lead to your venture folding before it has barely begun. Ask yourself the necessary questions. What is my vision? What product or service am I offering? Who is my target demographic? When you have an understanding of your initial idea, you should then plan for the first year and consider where you want to be in the next five and ten years. Without a business plan, you will struggle to get a bank loan or raise money from investors, 

There is a lot to think about, but using Palo Alto Software will help you formulate a plan, give you an analysis of the competition and give you a financial outlook for the short and long term running of your business. 

Of course, there will be unforeseen pitfalls along the way, and your business idea may change as you get a sense of the market you are supplying. Business planning software will help you stay ahead of the competition on every step of the journey. 

Sorting out your finances

For many business owners, managing finance can be a real headache. An accountant alleviates some of that and will help you control your expenditure, manage your income and deal with your taxes. Understandably you will try and keep down costs so hiring an accountant may ironically be another financial burden. In that case, use a web-based company such as Xero who will help you with all your accounting needs. This includes an efficient organization of your receipts, a tracking of your income and outgoings and easy ways to handle client invoicing. 

Effective time management 

Being the boss of your company has its advantages, and this includes not having to answer to an employer, or the need to work a 9 to 5 schedule. Unless you have employees dependant on you being available to them, you can virtually manage your own time according to your lifestyle. This is great in theory, but you may be tempted to avoid certain tasks and put them off until another day. You may also treat yourself to days off, but ultimately, the more time you relieve yourself of your responsibilities, the more your company will suffer regarding profit and productivity. 

To help you manage your time, use the software provided by companies such as Trello. They will help you to organize your daily and weekly tasks and enable you to prioritize them in levels of importance. 

Growing online 

If you want your business to be taken seriously, you are going to need a website. In a time not so long ago, you may have needed an understanding of HTML code to create a site worthy of your company. Thankfully, those times have gone, and there are now many web-building tools available to help you make a great looking website within a few short hours. 

Your website is a place to attract new customers and showcase the product or service you have on offer. It is also a place to communicate to any consumer wanting to find out more about what you do and how your service can be of use to them. It is also possible to sell your product from your site, and while you don’t need to understand these tools for developers to run ecommerce APIs, you can make use of the software they have made available to you. 

Social media is essential for sharing information about your company, and it will cut down on expensive marketing costs. Provide links to your social media channels from your website, and vice versa. Having a business page on Facebook will give you another way to communicate with your customers. You will also be able to promote yourself to your social network of friends and family and encourage them to pass information about your business to their personal networks. Never before has a business owner been able to reach so many people with very little work on their part. 

Forming a unique brand 

You may think you have the greatest business idea in the world, but chances are there will already be someone like you selling the same product. Therefore, you need to stand out from the crowd and make the business unique by creating a brand. 

Consider your local supermarket shelf and the brands available on them. For example, in the breakfast cereal section, there will be branded products such as Kellogg's, through to little-known brands and the generic kind produced by the supermarket themselves. More than likely, you will be attracted to the bigger brand with its eye-catching colors and familiar logo. In short, that is the brand image you are aiming for with your business. 

There are a number of online companies who will help you with branding, but you will need to pay for their service. However, free options are available to you, and one of these is Logomaker. If you don’t have the design skills to create your own logo, this service is simple to use and will give you the tools to make something snazzy to front your company. 

Your brand needs to include the name of your business, the logo, and if possible a catchy slogan to make your product memorable to the consumer. Your branding should be plastered on anything associated with your company, including your website, letterheads and other promotional material.

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