GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka)

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Yesterday, I finished watching the whole episodes of Great Teacher Onizuka.

Oh gosshh...they are truly right because this Jdrama is super great! I highly commend this series to all students especially teachers out there.

Onizuka is not just an ordinary teacher. He is not an intelligent teacher but he is considered to be a great teacher. If you wanna know why then you better watch this Jdrama. I know you will be thankful to me because this is just an awesome series! (Whew! Sugoi!) I can assure you with that!

My mother and I even cried while watching this beautiful jdrama. You will learn a lot of lessons. I have lots of favorite lines and scenes of this series. A few of which (for the scenes) were the moments of Miyabi and Tokomo, Onizuka and Kikuchi and of course Miyabi and Onizuka. Miyabi is such a problem but I still like her! (Makarelate kasi eh) Hehehehhehe....Oopps, take note this is not pure drama, there are a lot of funny moments also here. (Nevermind our crying moments because I easily cry actually.)

Hmmnnn....from now on, I will be watching its anime also. I'm pretty sure I will be addicted to this anime just like NARUTO. Before i forget, Sorimachi Takashi (Onizuka) and Matsushima Nanako (Ms. Fuyutsuki) end up together in real life and this is through GTO. (, romantic isn't it?) Oh, feel free to visit this cool fansite of GTO also ok?

Btw, have you found someone whom you can consider as your Great Teacher Onizuka????


  1. Congrats alms! Graduate najud ka!

  2. ayuz jud na xa!!!! heheheh!

  3. sige lantawon nako na..hehe exchange links ta....
    when GOKUSEN was aired on GMA, I watched the series regularly until I graduated in high school, arranged my papers for college, and entered college life..and missed the rest of the episodes. GMA really have great dubbers and I enjoyed the series even without its original labels.

    I was never sure how good GTO is until I read your entry, so, I'll give it a shot. You convinced me there, hehe =D Palit ko DVD unya haha, I'll tell you my reviews. hehe

  4. @anonymous: Arigato gozaimasu!

    @karen: Mao jud. I hope all the teachers out there will definitely watch this series para naman..hmmnn...(ahem!)

    @sendo: sige, lantawa dayon. Dili na kinahangalan mopalit pa ug dvd kay makita mo kani siya sa crunchyroll oi. Ayaw na pagkalas-kalas ug kwarta.

  5. hhmm... sounds interesting... :)

  6. @miah: Mao, ayos jud ayo ning GTO! Azzz in!

  7. my greatest inspiration...
    onizuka number 1!!!


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