Nobuta Wo Produce

I am currently hooked to Japanese films and series. I am just so impressed with their works! I've watched Great Teacher Onizuka, Nobody Knows and now Nobuta Wo Produce. I am still in the Episode 5 of Nobta Wo Produce and I'm loving it! Hehehehhehehee...

If i will have the time in this world, I would definitely finish this series the sooner. The story line is just so amazing. It is about making a bullied student popular. Shuji and Akira were the ones who produce Nobuko Kotani to become Nobuta. interesting right? I wonder if there will be a love triangle or any. Shuji has a popular girlfriend and as I've seen Nobuta seems to like the guy but on the contrary I see the feelings blooming from Akira.

I'm so excited to finish this series. I am looking forward for a nice ending. Anyone knows?  (Just kidding)  I don't want to spoil myself that's why I'm not reading any information on the internet about this Jdrama. Hhehehehhee...

Photo taken from the Celia Inside Website

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