Jenny and Juno

A good movie for teens out there.

The plot centers around the relationship of a 15-year-old couple, Jenny (Park Min-ji) and Juno (Kim Hye-sung), who meet in school. When Jenny discovers that she is pregnant, she and Juno decide against having an abortion, opting for parenthood instead. They try to conceal the pregnancy from their families for as long as possible, but the truth is revealed eventually, and their parents do not approve.

Plot source: Wikipedia

Trivia: This is a 2005 South Korean romantic film. But this movie has similarities with the 2007 American comedy film, Juno. According to the film screenwriter Diablo Cody,  she is unaware of the existence of  Jenny, Juno prior to the film's release.

I watched these two movies and I find the American version better.

Photo taken from the Dramafans Website

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