Time to move on!

I thought I can handle it but I was wrong. It was truly different when you are in the actual day. Tears started to fall in my eyes when my name wasn't called.

My name was written all over the invitations of every person present. My name was on the power point presentation of the awardees. The feelings even intensify when I received my diploma. It has my name and that title.

I felt that as if I was falling into pieces. The people around were looking at me when the person entitled to announce the awardees skipped my name. The emotions inside me were battling.

I felt that I am as if a beauty queen stripped off from her title. The medal, the diploma and the civil service eligibility. I felt that my 5 special awards were useless without that prestigious award.

But then again, I realized and looked back. Who is to blame? It was all my mistakes. I am such a troublesome student. Irresponsible, lazy and stupid. I don't manage my time wisely. They even doubted if I am a scholar because I don't behave as one. I always put my grades on a stake thinking I could still manage it but I was wrong.

The very last semester, I was not able to make it up with that one important subject. (Sighed) This is a lesson for me. I am reaping what I have sow. It always takes time; it is not an overnight job, nor a daily overtime.
I have to move on. I have to humble myself. Instead of brooding over the incident, I should get up and look forward. Be thankful that at least I was able to survive and graduate. There are a lot of people who are depending on me. This is not that time to be weak instead to be strong.

Though I may not have gotten the happy ending I am expecting, there is still a new beginning. I am just so thankful for those people who have showed sympathy and have understood me in this pressing time of my life. Thank you guys! For the encouragement and support! I will never forget you all. It is time to move on. 



  1. Aww :( But its okay. You graduated. Thats all matters! K? Congrats!

    - kai

  2. okey lng yun alms, the important is, just like naruto, there's so many people acknowledge your existence, ako nga sa ngaun, ano napala ko after those almost a month overnight, creating presentation,working for thesis of other sister, pero ano napala ko? Over fatigue lng, ni even pang snack wala akong nataanggap, alam mo pina pangarap ko noon, in my graduation, kahit mkatanggap man lng ako ng service award dhil sa tulong na ginagawa ko, masaya na ako khit ilang beses na akong hindi natututulog, pero wala...

  3. @kai: Thanks! Yeah, its time to meet another chapter of my life!

    @jopals23: Sagdi lang pals..the true reward is not here naman..good luck sa atoa! Excited nami karong October! Hehehhehehe...

  4. sus al pasagdi na lang na cla... na shock jud ko pgkabalo nako ky na ana ang nahitabo... at least naka grad ka dba...

  5. @lorei: Mao jud lor. Sagdi nalng...ehhehehhee..arigatou gazaimasu! Love you lor. Thanks for everything!

  6. elow te mztah naman ka? unsa imo e move on uie jejejejejejeej ikaw bah te add ko sa imong uban blog huh. comment pud sa ako blog huh

  7. @john larry: Sa dihang, karon paman gani ka ata nagcomment sa akong blog noh. Hwehehehehe..sige, update lang nko blogrolls. Sori nabusy ang life man gud. Heheheheheh


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