Nearly 25,000 earnings in just a month - Not bad!

When I sum up the payments I received from Smorty, Blogvertise, Blog to Profit, Sponsored Reviews and those advertisers who personally send me emails for advertisement I was surprised to see in my Paypal that it actually reached $575.38. Whew! in just a matter of 1 month, I had that earnings! Not bad right? It is not an everyday job nor a job that requires me to spend 8 hours infront of the computer. Just a side trip if i am bored and tired - a good sideline. In fact, those tasks that I've accepted were just easy to do like those that requires 50 words.

I am not making stories here. So here is the proof:

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Add the payments, don't mind my withdrawals. Hahahhahaha...I still have not received the most recent withdrawal I've made. My first time to try withdrawal in a local bank actually. Hmmnn...blogging is truly amazing! I was not expecting to earn this much. I even wonder how much will my earnings be if i have my own domain and if our thesis is not hindering me from blogging. go back to thesis mode.

I just made this post to inspire you guys, next time - secret na ang mga earnings ko. If you wish to sign-up to Blog to Profit please put chelchel_am[at]yahoo[dot]com[dot]ph as your referral. You can also PM me if you want tasks because for the past few weeks I let other people update my blogs because I am damn busy. So, don't wonder if they are all updated okay?

**Post Update (06/19/14): Smorty and Blog to Profit are no longer active


  1. wow...libre huh? inspired au ko ana..hahahaha

    unta maka ana pud ko...

  2. really?? inspiring ahh.. interested ko.. unsaon nko pagstart mn?? pwde :D

  3. wow! i wish i could do the same...hehe! it inspires me a lot..^_^

  4. oo nga libre naman diyan. . me?? I'm way too far. .

  5. helo te1 hehe..uhm, pde mg.fc2?
    hehe..uhm, aSK LNG UNTA Q..unsaon dai pagpa increase sa akong indexed pages?
    na declined mn gud aq blog sa smorty ky i dnt hav enaf indexed pages daw.

    unsaon ni xa te? hehe..pls help me poh!

    tnx alot.


  6. @gerald: Kinsa man ka? Unsaon nko paglibre nmo? daghan na au ko gipanglibre.ehehhehehee..

    @btjam: sure, no problem...

    @anonymous: are okama...

    @jenver: Mao...

    @quesera: hehehehe..nanglibre nko..daghhan nako gipanglibre..

    @aldwin: ala ko kaila personally so if you see me at school approach me ha..

  7. hehehe...ahw.

    dli mn q tga uic te. hi.skul paq.

    dri calinan...ahwtz. :D

    always ma.approve imong biddings sa buyblogreviews te???

    pila na ka bids imu na daog???

    eh, aq...dugay na kau toh pjus tawon na appr0ved mski 1.



  8. @aldwin: i thought you are from UIC. ehehhehehe..high school pa diay ka..Sugoi!!(amazing)...Ala pajud ko anang buyblogreviews pud. Sa smorty, blogvertise ug sponsored reviews pko. Busy man gud akong life..ehheheheheh..lain na gani akong ginapablog sa akong mga tasks..

  9. Alma, goddess of blogging!

  10. wow nice ah.. i've been wanting to try that out but ala me ccard eh, and smorty declined my blog too.. waahhh.... asa d i ka sa davao?

  11. @miah laborte: I-apply lang ug utro imong blog. Didto sa edit blog details under my account nga tab. Pero bag-o na nmo buhaton. Establish status sa imong blog like ang page rank, ang traffic, mga visits and chuva. Exchange link pud sa uban. Search search sa google pud imong mga post..butngi ug mga pampadrive traffic imo blog. hhehehehhehee...

  12. wOOOOOw!!!!

    Giunsa nimo?

  13. @marianne: Please read about my page on Ways to Make Money Online. Thanks!


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