Nobody Knows

Finished watching this Japanese film - Nobody Knows.

I actually read an article of this from a blogger. He said that among the 10 movies he had seen for a week this one is his best choice. So, I searched it on Crunchyroll and my mother and I watched it.

This movie was first shown in the year 2004. The story is all about the four children left or abandoned by their mother. Have to survive life at a young age.

The story begins with the family moving in a different apartment. The single mother pretended that she has only one son but the two other children were hidden in the luggage while the other was waiting in station or terminal to be fetched during the night. They come from different fathers. They seem to be a happy family at first. The children are so obedient about the rules because the landlord might catch them. But when her mother got a new boyfriend and leave them with just a note and small amount of money, Akira being the oldest have to take good care of his siblings.

They were cut from the water supply, gas and electricity. The landlord was even wondering why they still have not able to pay their rent.  Akira couldn't work because he is still 12 years old. He just gets food from the one being given by the store. They just go to the park to fetch water, pee and wash their clothes. There was even a time when they were so hungry. His younger sister, Yuki eats paper. An accident also happen when Yuki fell from the chair and died. They have to put her on the luggage again and buried her.

The story is so sad but there were no crying moments compared to Filipino movies. You can just see the character's feelings or emotions from their face and how they react. It is a silent movie actually. Less talking and a bit slow in the phasing of story but it's apt. There was only one musical background that I could remember and it was when Akira and his friend Saki return from the airport after they have buried Yuki. (It was the wish of Yuki to see the airport).

I was hoping for a happy ending but it didn't happen. I was wondering what will happen to them after Yuki died. Medyo bitin talaga but it was good enough. It was my first time to see a different attack/presentation of a certain movie. Quite impressive!

Ratings: 4/5

Photo taken from the Toutlecine Website

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