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All You Need to Know about Wall Plates

Stainless steel wall plates are referred to by many different names. This includes tube or pipe clamp. It is a flange that can be used to connect stainless steel, galvanised tubes, or aluminium alloy tubes to a flat surface such as a wall. They are usually attached using screws or they can be welded into place depending on the particular application.

Wall plates are manufactured with four holes that are already countersunk so the fitting can quickly and easily be attached to the flat surface. Depending on the area that the wall plate will be used in or the purpose for which it is intended, it can come under quite a bit of usage and pressure. In applications such as handrails, guardrails or balustrades, where the tubing is attached to the clamp, and then to the wall, the flange is the stabilising force that keeps the railing in place.

This is just one of the reasons why the flanges must be heavy duty and constructed from reliable and durable stainless steel. They also must comply with the industry’s highest safety and manufacturing guidelines. One such standard that is internationally recognised and popular in the UK and Europe is the B.S. EN1461 standards.

In comparison to other types of materials commonly used for fittings, such as tube clamps, stainless steel is not necessarily the cheapest option. It is preferred and chosen for various different projects and applications. The reason is over time it always works out to be the most cost effective option as it can outlast many other materials. Its durability and strength means that it will last longer. Therefore, it does not have to be quickly replaced. It also takes much less money, effort, and time to maintain.

The beauty of stainless steel wall plates is that they are designed to work just as easily inside buildings such as homes or offices. They can be used outdoors as well. This is because the stainless steel is guaranteed not to corrode. It can stand up to the extreme of different weather conditions that can be experienced outdoors.

Outdoors can be wet and cold or dry and sunny and many other different variations in the weather are possible. This is why it is important that especially for outdoor jobs, extra thought and consideration ought to be given before deciding on the right tube clamp or wall plate to use.

The dimensions of wall plates are usually standard in order to accommodate the diameter of the tubing they were designed to fit. They come in 33.7 mm, 42.44mm, and 48.3 mm key clamp. It is possible to use any of these different sizes to accommodate any length of steel or aluminium tube as long as the diameter is the same. The length of the tube you choose is entirely dependent on you and the purpose for which it is intended.

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