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How To Get The Best Computer Software Without Breaking The Bank

We all know how important it can be to have the right software solutions on our computers, as this can make a real impact on usability. There’s really no point spending hours or even days doing something that can be sorted in seconds with the use of the right programs, and this is why I’ve decided to write a short article today highlighting the ones you might like to check out over the next couple of weeks. Don’t worry too much though, as all of them are affordable, and none of them will break the bank.

You see, while expensive software can be good, for most people, the cheaper alternatives are just as functional. Of course, if you’re a professional photographer or something similar, you might want to lay out the cash. However, this will mainly be because it will go down as a business expense and get taken from your tax bill. So, spend the next couple of minutes reading through all the suggestions I’ve made below, and hopefully you’ll come away with a better understanding of what’s out there at the moment.

Microsoft Office

This is one of the only software packages I would ever pay for, and there are some very good reasons for that. While some people are happy to settle for open source alternatives like Open Office, it really doesn’t compare. If all you want is a word processor, just use the one that came preinstalled on your PC. However, if you want an all round package that will allow you to create letters, business cards, accounting spreadsheets, databases and presentations, you definitely want to have a look at The Software King or another reputable online seller, as they’re usually much cheaper than high street stores.

AVG Antivirus

While many people choose to pay for Norton Antivirus to secure their systems, in my own experience, AVG is one of the best free solutions around. You can, of course, pay for full cover with this program too, but the free option is just as good. You might have trouble finding out how to activate the free cover though, and so I’ll explain. You just need to go to “add or remove programs” in your control panel and start the uninstall process. Once you’ve done this, AVG will ask whether you want to completely uninstall or change to the free service.


I won’t tell you what the first “C” stands for, but you can probably guess. This program is absolutely essential, and absolutely free to download for all machines, no matter which manufacturer you chose. Basically, it searches through your computer to find files and programs that you don’t need, don’t use and that shouldn’t even be there. Unlike some of the other similar software available, this one digs really deep and permanently deletes files and programs other solutions simply can’t handle. Best of all? It’s tiny, and so you could have it downloaded and installed within a couple of minutes.

Well guys, you’ve read all the information, and now you know how to get the best computer software without breaking the bank. See you back here next time for some more wicked tech tips!

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