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Land Rover InControl: A Newbies Guide For 2014 Range Rover EvoqueOwners

If you are thinking of buying a brand new Range Rover Evoque this year, one of the key features that will have been demonstrated to you at your local Land Rover car dealership is an exciting new innovation by the Coventry-based car manufacturer: InControl.

Developed in conjunction with automotive firm Bosch and with several third-party app developers for the Apple iPhone and Android smartphone platforms, InControl promises a wealth of ways that you can easily integrate your mobile device with your new Range Rover Evoque.

According to a recent press release by Jaguar Land Rover, the InControl app-based system will be “progressively available” in all new Jaguar and Land Rover models in 2014. This sounds interesting, but what exactly is the InControl system, I hear you ask, and how can it benefit Evoque drivers?

InControl: in a nutshell

The name “InControl” refers specifically to a group of technologies that are utilised in new Range Rover Evoque cars, with other new cars from the Land Rover and Jaguar brands to offer this functionality at some point this year.

InControl uses mobile and Internet technologies to enable all sorts of connectivity and interactivity both in and out of the Range Rover Evoque. The hardware that makes this all possible can only be installed when the car is being built, so if you want it in your Evoque, you will need to pay for these optional extras at the time of ordering.

Jaguar Land Rover haven’t ruled out the possibility of offering aftermarket installations to existing customer cars, so I guess this is one of those “watch this space” type of announcements on that front.

What sort of things can InControl do?

According to Hunters Land Rover, the subscription-based system will enable you to check your Range Rover Evoque’s fuel levels and range remotely using a smartphone app, which can help you to effectively prepare for any long trips.

Another interesting feature about InControl is that if your Range Rover Evoque is involved in a collision and the car’s airbags are deployed, it will automatically transmit your car’s location as well as “key details” about it, and personnel in a call centre will then attempt to call you.

If you don’t answer their call, they will automatically contact the emergency services in your area, in an effort to reduce response times.

And if your car simply breaks down for whatever reason, you can press an “Optimised Land Rover Assistance” button in the car which will then use GPS technology to transmit information about your vehicle and location to Land Rover Assistance, so that your breakdown can be responded to as quickly as possible.


In addition, there is also a plethora of apps that can be used with the InControl system, such as:
  • iHeartRadio for Auto - provides access to more than 1,500 digital radio services;
  • INRIX - traffic and driver services;
  • Stitcher - offers access to podcasts, news, talk, sports and entertainment shows;
  • Glympse - location sharing services (similar to the “Find Friends” app for iPhone);
  • Sygic - satellite navigation;
  • Parkopedia - up-to-date database of parking information;
  • Hotelseeker and Citiseeker - location-based services;
  • Airmotion - news app;
  • Winston - personal assistant;
  • Mobile Day - conference call services.

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