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How To Get The Best Deal On A Used Car

Many people opt for purchasing a used car rather than a brand new one, for the significant savings and benefits that are brought with used car ownership. Not many people can afford to spend anything up to £300 a month leasing a brand new car, but £150 a month on a car that is up to 5 years old is more affordable and appealing to motorists across the United Kingdom.

In fact, this is something that is shared by other European countries too. With the cost of living seemingly increasing on an annual basis, yet people’s salaries remaining largely the same, motorists everywhere are increasingly concerned about taking on large amounts of finance just so they can have a brand new car.

These are just some of the reasons why the used car market is such a popular and growing one. If you are considering buying a car soon, and you would rather buy a used one from somewhere like rather than a brand new one from a main dealer, here are some top tips to help you get the best deal!

Think about the sort of car you want

You will have noticed that there is a vast range of different makes and models of cars on the used car market these days, but before aligning yourself to a particular marque and just choosing something from their range, think about the type of car you want first.

For example, if you have a family you might want to buy a large hatchback, estate or people carrier rather than a 3-door sports car.

Calculate how much you can afford to spend

Unless you have got a few grand saved up, you will need to either finance the car or borrow money from the bank to buy it. I would strongly recommend that you work out how much cash you have left over after you have paid your bills each month.

If you only have £200 or less each month, you should look to reducing your monthly expenses before buying a used car, because not only will you have to pay for the car itself but you will also need to pay for fuel, tax, insurance and servicing costs.

Do some research

Once you have determined that you can afford to buy a used car, do some extensive research on the Web to see what are the best types of cars you can get for your money. The Which? website is pretty good because it offers unbiased, independent reviews of various different cars.

Make sure the car you are about to buy is legit

The last thing you want to do is buy a dodgy car, so before you hand over any cash for a specific car, consider doing some background checks on it.

A HPI check will help you uncover any hidden history, and don’t forget you can also check the car’s MOT history and whether it’s got any tax or not (for free) as long as you’ve got the car’s registration number and document reference number from it’s V5C document (i.e. the log book).

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