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Foreign Media: Get Film, Music and More for a Fraction of the Cost

Foreign Media

The latest in international film, music, and magazines can often carry a hefty markup. Watch the most recent films, keep up with international music and print media with these simple ideas, without the higher prices. Become a cosmopolitan shopper through a few quick deals, and stay up to date while also saving money with global media in a snap.

Register for Streaming Service for TV, Film, & Music

A great way to stay up to date with international content on a budget is to stream it online. Many pay-per-stream services exist, but you can also sign up for subscription services which license lots of movies, television shows, and even music for you as well. By buying in to a package streaming service, you save on higher individual prices, and can access more material for a flat fee. Keep in mind these will still have limited releases, but by streaming your content through globally accessible services, you are able to access this material when it is first available in your territory. When needed, you can use

Stay in Touch with the Deals: E-mailing lists of Content Owners

One of the best ways to access your favorite foreign media, is to sign up for the e-mail list, as you will be the first to know when content is released! Stay in the know by researching your favorite studios and directors, and find out who publishes the work! Most likely the content owner will have a way to stay connected with them on their website, and take advantage of this readily available way to stay connected! With these connections, you are able to save money by knowing when special bundle packages are released, or when items go on sale.

View or Sign up for Online & Data for Print News

Want to know what is going on globally, without having to purchase all those magazines in the local rack? Follow the path of the internet, and for the smart phone savvy, download your global news sources, right to your smart phone. You’ll be able to avoid costly prints, which are often more expensive in their foreign issues, and stay in touch with tons of media, in an instant. Full articles are usually available for a subscription fee, but many articles are available in shortened sample versions for free. If you want to read a particular story in more depth, while avoiding the subscription fee altogether, follow the news source a few weeks, and watch the same article become available in full-length. Many stories are licensed in full by common media sources after a week or two, in digital form, with no fees.

Watch out for False “free” Material

When surfing on the web for the newest musical, cinematic and other digital media, many are tempted by the “free” media bay items, in efforts to save a few pounds. Be wary of these seemingly free services as often there are hidden fees included with subscriptions, even if the website markets itself as free. Additionally, viruses associated with unlicensed material, open your computer and your wallet up to legal and financial liability.

Join the Community! (In-Person Clubs or Online Blogs) with Like-Minded Fans!

Word-of-Mouth may still be the hottest way to stay current on all media in the global landscape. Is your favorite album is coming out in a re-release with special bonus songs? Maybe there is also a live recording of a concert in your hometown? By staying connected with your true content-loving community, you can find out the best of what is available from your research, and theirs as well. This will keep costs down, as you can avoid double-purchases by knowing about these special releases, and buying the content you want the most. You’ll be shocked at how much you can save, and keeping up with current material on a budget will be done with ease.

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