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How To Collect Celebrity Autographs That Could Make You Rich One Day

Would you like to be a celebrity? Many people would, but I don’t find the idea attractive at all. Being hounded by the media and people wanting to take ‘selfies’ with you isn’t my idea of fun at all. There would be obvious benefits such as the huge income that celebrity status often brings, and having a partner thirty years younger than yourself; they are in love, no, really.

These people are famous for a reason; not all of the reasons are good, but a reason nonetheless. The world is clamoring to get the latest celebrity gossip and people spend millions of pounds every month in Britain alone, just to get magazines with the latest insights into the lives of the rich and famous.

If you are an autograph collector, these famous faces are a good source of material for your hobby. But how to get them to sign their names? That is often the difficult part.

Here are a few ways you could encourage a celebrity to be generous enough to give you an autograph.

Ask By Mail

Sending a polite handwritten letter by post, preferably with a stamped, self-addressed envelope ( A5 size should do the trick) often gets good results. There is a danger here, however, that the signature you receive by return may be written by a member of staff or even created with a stamp. If you are able to search the internet for a sample of the signature, it is a good way to compare them.

A great way of getting your request to the celeb is to find out who their agent is and send it via them.

Use a Child

As you can see in the image, the clever use of a child often gets results. Say you bump into a star that was in a movie you streamed from Eros Now, or another streaming service; is that celeb more likely to give their signature to a cute toddler or to you? Think about it. Kids have their uses, and it is only fair that we take advantage of them.

Wait at Their Homes

If you find out where your hero lives, wait outside their homes day and night. Refuse to move even when verbally abused. Even if you are arrested, the penalty will be very light, and you can just go back and wait again. It is not recommended that you get arrested more than three times or you may serve a short prison sentence.

Heartbreaking Story

Even the hardest-hearted celeb can crack under the pressure of a sob story. Write, ring, push notes through their door, anything to make them sign. Make the story as tragic as can be to guilt them into signing.

Celebrities complain about the constant intrusions into their lives. Well, boo hoo for them. They are making millions out of poor people who have to dig deep in their pockets to rent a movie or take their kids to the cinema. Have no sympathy for the rich and famous who take so much from you. If all you are asking in return is that they take two seconds out of their privileged lives to sign something for you, show no mercy. Hound them into the ground until they can take no more. Power to the common man, woman, and child.

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