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Sexy Scion Cars Seduce the Fast-Moving Members of Generation Y

Scion is a brand put on the market by the well-known Japanese automaker Toyota. The brand’s models are designed to appeal to younger customers, popularly known as “Generation Y.” These sleek, sexy vehicles have just what it takes to turn the eyes of ambitious, tech-savvy young people. What makes them truly irresistible is their low price given the high level of sophistication. It’s no surprise that youthful drivers are snapping these cars up all over the country!


Toyota has been selling automobiles of the Scion brand since 2003 in the United States and several Middle Eastern countries. The first Scion car was presented in the United States on March 27, 2002 at the New York Auto Show. Subsequent models made their debut at the Great Car Show in Los Angeles in 2003. During these early years, Scion cars were only sold at 105 dealerships in California. Now, due to their popularity, they are widely available across the United States. Since 2011, the Scion models are also available in Canada.

Models on the Market Today

There are currently five Scion models available for purchase today from Toyota dealerships.

  • The Scion xA was officially introduced to the market in 2002 and was presented at the New York Auto Show. It has a quirky style and offers lots of cabin space.

  • The Scion xB is a boxed five-door compact car sold as the Toyota Corolla Rumion in the Japanese market.

  • The Scion xD is a subcompact five-door vehicle with a body that is based somewhat on the Yaris 4 with a motor similar to that of the Toyota Corolla.

  • The Scion tC made its debut in 2005 and has gained significant popularity among the younger generation in the United States. It is a three-door liftback based on the European Toyota Avensis and also happens to be one of the most famous racing vehicles in Formula D. Originally equipped with front-wheel drive only, this model has also adopted a rear-wheel drive feature to make it optimal for racing.

  • The Scion FR-S is a sports coupe sold throughout the world, sometimes under the name “Toyota GT-86.” It has rear-wheel drive and has a look and feel similar to that of the Subaru BRZ.

Style and Savings: The Perfect Combo

Consumers usually don’t expect to see stylish vehicles when they purview the economy car listings, but the Scion models are a notable exception to the rule. Available for surprisingly modest prices, these quality cars make luxury an option for young people who are just beginning to build their careers. And there’s no better career builder than a great automobile! These vehicles are bound to make a great impression on hiring managers and clients alike.

Each of the five Scion cars listed above has received outstanding ratings in safety and reliability. After all, they’re manufactured by Toyota, a company that has always received the highest marks in these areas. Underneath the fun, funky exterior is a masterpiece of quality engineering. People who purchase these cars for their sexy look can rest assured that they are not sacrificing reliability in any way. Did you hear someone say that you can’t get a car that’s stylish, durable and affordable? Well, the Scion brand just proved the pessimists wrong!

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