Sunday, April 02, 2017

3 People Your Kid Should When Learning To Drive

As a parent, there is a dichotomy we all have to battle with when it comes to our teenagers learning how to drive. On the one hand, we can almost taste freedom. After years of playing taxi to your child, there is desperate urge to see them pass their test and become that much more self-sufficient and that much more independent. But on the other hand, we know how dangerous driving can be. 

Over a million people die every year on the roads. 1.3 million to be more precise. That isn’t meant to scare you. It is just meant to alert you to the severity of it. Of course, there are certain things we can do to ensure our kids are as safe and sensible as possible. Things like teaching them good habits, getting a good instructor, teaching them about car maintenance and a ton of other things. 

But what about people? There must be people out there that we can take them to see that may be able to hammer home the reality of it all. Well, here are a few ideas for you consider. 

A Mechanic 

One of the best people you can go and visit is a respected mechanic. The reason for this is, they will be able to teach your teenager the basics in car maintenance. It doesn’t matter what state your child takes their test in, the focus is on the road and how to handle a car, but never on how to maintain a car. That is where a quick chat with a mechanic comes in. They will be able to teach your kid the basics of car maintenance, namely things like how to check the oil pressure, tire pressure, fluid levels and tread depth. These can have a big influence on how safe a car is to drive, and your child being able to spot any areas of concern. The other thing a mechanic will be able to explain is how to drive more economically, which will include things like gentle acceleration and steady braking. Teenagers tend to be thrifty, so they’ll listen. 

A Lawyer 

Sure enough, a huge chunk of driving comes down to common sense, but the laws of the road can make a big difference, especially given they can change from state to state. A lawyer will be able to explain what the standard highway speed limit is, any passenger laws and how long you can drive in any one stint. But the technicalities aren’t all they are good for. The other benefit of visiting some car accident lawyers is that your kid will be able to hear about the most common types of accidents, what causes them and how to avoid them. 

A Paramedic 

Unfortunately, cars are dangerous and, while we are on the edge of autonomous cars, we are not there yet. As such, it is well worth encouraging your kid to learn about the dangers of driving in a way that will have a lasting impact. That is where a paramedic can be of assistance. As the first response unit at most traffic accidents, they will be able to explain the dangers of drink driving, distracted driving, and tiredness. These are the three biggest killers, and no one knows the severity of their implications like a paramedic. It may sound like an extreme measure to take, but we only have one shot at protecting our children.

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