Thursday, April 06, 2017

The Business Skills That Matter In The Home

When someone attempts to mix and match their professional life with their personal life, it is more than likely going to be a recipe for disaster. Unless you are a true workaholic, there exists no good reason for allowing your work to maximize its interference with your life away from the desk. Everyone needs a break, after all - and that is even more important when you have a family!

However, business can give us a lot of skills and knowledge that we can into our lives away from work (or away from the computer for those work at home masters). Skills based in the foundation of organization and communication can help us out in the home. 

The very first thing is discipline! Running a family is hard work, much like running a team. Some of you will run both! You likely know that talking to your team members as though they are children is a bad idea - some find it insulting, and others find it offensive. Most people don't respond well to being spoken to like children and what are children if not tiny adults? What if we spoke to our children as though they were part of a team and not underlings? This isn't a strict recipe to follow, but maybe that is something to think about! Discipline is vital in the workplace for productivity and teamwork reasons, so maybe it is vital in the home for happiness? 

Another thing that business teaches us is the importance of knowledge, and the importance of others. It is hard to go it alone in business, and you can't run a family alone unless you're a champ. Knowledge is also key and family can run aground quickly by flying blind - especially in trying times. Business also teaches the importance of our business interests - we seek lawyers to protect our business, so when we need advice about tricky subjects and (God forbid!) divorce questions, we need to consult the correct people. That's essential in business, and it is worth a lot in our lives. 

Organization is key in the workplace, is it not? We arrange our diaries around work and meetings to make the most out of every working day - or so we should. This level of organization allows us to plan and get the best out of our abilities. It also allows us to know what is coming, like seeing the future - in a way. We can 100% take planning and organizational skills back home with us, and in a fun way as well. Organization opens up opportunities for family fun days, and planning routes, vacations and times allows us to get out and about. This skillset also helps when we are away from home on vacation as well! Organization also helps a family complete chores faster - regimented processes work a lot better than chaos. 

Having a good work/life separation is key to happiness, but you can’t ignore all you learn on the job and there’s actually a lot that you can take home with you to help out you and your family!

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