Thursday, April 06, 2017

Don't Get Blindsided By The Law

No one expects to have to stand in a courtroom and argue their case. Or rather, listen to their lawyer argue if for them. But there are various reasons why you might. You may, for instance, be in an auto accident or you could get a traffic ticket. If you want to fight it, you’ll need to head off to traffic court. Or, perhaps you have been injured at work, and you desperately need compensation. You’ll still need to go to court. Maybe you’re a business owner, and you are trying to protect your company from a hefty fine. You get the idea, the law is unavoidable, and you shouldn’t let it blindside you. Before you think about entering that courtroom, you need to speak to a lawyer. Here are some of the questions you should ask them. 

What’s Your Win/Lose Ratio? 

All lawyers have one, not all lawyer like to talk about it, though. But you should ask this question. You want to make sure that you get a great lawyer on your side. Contrary to popular belief not all lawyer are geniuses. There are plenty of legal representatives who seem to have received most of their knowledge about the law by watching old episode of Ally McBeal. You don’t want to end up walking into court with someone who is suspiciously similar to Richard Fish

How Much Will You Charge?

Lawyers are a lot like loan sharks. There tends to be hidden fees. For instance, the amount they charge might be different depending on whether you win or lose. They might also add on an extra cost if the case drags on. In fact, most lawyers do charge by the hour. So, make sure you get a clear number before you proceed and that way you’ll know it’s a fee you can afford to pay. Some lawyers will take on a case pro bono and will only expect compensation if they win. They’ll do this if the case offers the chance to improve their reputation and generate some publicity. 

What Type Of Compensation Are We Aiming For Here? 

Believe it or not, the desired consequences of a lawsuit aren’t always about money. For instance, some claimants are looking for a business to take responsibility for the actions that caused them and others harm. Others want what is essentially a written apology, and yes some do want money. But the way money is paid out can be different too. For instance, you can have a structured settlement annuity. What is a structured settlement annuity? It’s where the compensation is paid out over an extended period rather than all at once. It’s useful if you know you’re going to need the money further down the line as is the case when a claimant has suffered a permanent injury. Make sure you know the type of payout your lawyer is aiming for. 

Hey, What’s Your Caseload Like? 

Finally, make sure that your case isn’t just going to be an afterthought. You want a lawyer that is going to commit a lot of time to your case. This will guarantee you have the greatest chance at winning.

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