Friday, April 21, 2017

Marketing Methods That Aren't Just Cheap, But Effective

Marketing is far from the cheapest part of running a business. It’s not uncommon for the cost of a big push in marketing to push its budget bigger than all the other overheads and expenses combined. But not all businesses have the kind of budget to compete on that level. Instead, they need to look more cost-effective methods. As we’re about to show in some examples you should incorporate right away. 

Social media 

Many users will hail social media as one of the only truly free ways to market, but every method here we go into uses up one very costly resource, time. Being cost effective with social marketing is about finding the platforms where you can expect to win the most followers first and foremost. For instance, everyone should use Twitter and Facebook, while B2B companies would do well to spend more time on LinkedIn and visually appealing businesses such as fashion and food companies can make more use out of Instagram and Pinterest. Getting involved in the online community is an important part of improving brand recognition, improving your insight into how customers think and communicate, and even creating positive organic experiences that shape a more loyal customer. 

Mailing campaigns

Of course, it’s not all about how you win over new customers but how you maintain loyalty as well. Email is already free, but there are also tools like email newsletter software free at Postman that can help you better design and brand emails so they stand out from your standard electronic communication. Populate it with deals and your most effective and exciting marketing content and keep people coming back to check it not just for business purposes but even entertainment. 

Search engine optimization 

When it comes to making the best use of your time, search engine optimization might seem like a hard sell initially. Getting good at it means doing a lot of work on your site and the metadata connected to it. But given how prevalent a tool Google has become for consumers, it’s one that cannot be ignored. Increasing your exposure through Google is essentially giving yourself a place of prominence on the homepage of the whole internet. 


You might need to pay for some extra web hosting space, but a blog can be one of the best ways to make use of that space. For one, it can help your site rank higher in searches because it offers more pages to build different metadata for without keyword stuffing. But content is also one of the most effective ways to build referrals from visitors who aren’t even customers. They come for the content, but they remember the brand, the site, and the business that delivered the content. So long as the blog posts themselves have value to offer the reader and the layout is attractive

The strategies above aren’t only good when you don’t have the money to invest in more elaborate advertising. They are essential parts of any winning marketing strategy. Implement them now and have them become the core of your expanded efforts when you have a bit more cash to throw around.

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