Thursday, April 06, 2017

Getting a New Start in Life

Have you ever wanted to just reset your life? Perhaps not all the way from the beginning, but maybe your current situation isn’t the most pleasant one and you’d prefer to start fresh in a new location. Maybe you’d like to pack your bags and travel the world for a bit before you settle down again, perhaps you just want a new job, or you could just dislike your neighbours. There are many things that could lead to this situation. Maybe all of your children have moved out (empty nest syndrome) or perhaps you broke up with a long-term partner and you’re struggling to cope. 

Whatever your reasons for wanting to get a new start, here are a couple of tips that can help you change your lifestyle for the better. 

Swap Careers 

If your old career reminds you of unhappy things, then perhaps changing your career can do you some good. With so many different online resources for learning and the multiple colleges and universities that offer adult learning, it’s easy to find a new subject to immerse yourself in. One of the best ways to find a new career is to look back into your past when you were a child and think of the things that made you happy. Perhaps you loved cartoons, maybe you really enjoyed video games, or you might even love the great outdoors. Try and discover what made you truly happy before you put your foot onto the career ladder and try to form a career around a past love. 

You could even turn your current hobbies into a job. If you have a penchant for digital art, then you could turn into a freelance artist or you can even use Patreon to build up an audience that enjoys your artwork and would be more than willing to pay you for bonuses such as tutorials and exclusive commissions. 

There are so many different paths in life that you’d be doing yourself a favour by switching, and it can be a great way to kickstart your new life. 

Move Home 

If your old home is filled with bad memories and a past that you can’t escape, then why not literally escape and move home? If you’re interested in moving and you have no attachments left to your current home, then calling an agent to get a free home value estimate and then selling your house is easier than you’d think. Of course, you’d need to find a place to move, but that’s the fun part. 

Since you’re moving in order to start a new life, you have the whole world to choose from. Do you want to move abroad to a sunny destination with beaches and exotic food? Perhaps you’d like to move to a bigger city, or maybe you’d be fine living on the outskirts of a rural community where it’s peaceful, quiet, and surrounded by nature. The world is a massive place and there are so many different locations to live in that you’ll be spoilt for choice. Moving home is a fantastic way to put yourself on the right track to start a new life, just keep in mind that if you have responsibilities such as children or a partner, then you need to speak with them before you decide to sell the house or do something drastic. 

Meet Someone New 

If a breakup is a cause for your midlife crisis, then perhaps meeting someone new will be the key to reinvigorating your view on life. With so many dating apps available on your smartphone and dating websites available on the internet, meeting someone new is simple as long as you aren’t too shy. Taking the plunge and signing up for these dating services is a great way to meet new people and make new friends, especially if your workplace is rather stagnant and you’ve been talking to the same few faces for the pasts couple of years. 

Meeting someone new doesn’t have to be for romantic purposes either. If you’re moving home, switching careers or starting over in general, you’ll probably need to make new friends. You can head to local events, meet people online before meeting them in public, or get acquainted with your new neighbours and colleagues. A surprisingly effective way of making new friends is to actually just use the internet. Communities such as a Reddit are full of helpful and friendly people (most of the time) and playing online video games or exploring hobby communities is a great way to make friends with people who share similar interests.

Accepting Change 

Lastly, let’s talk about change and how to accept it. In many situations, we have to accept that we’re growing up, we’re moving on and there are better things to do than sulk and feel depressed about our situation. Moving on in life can be as simple as accepting that things have changed. You don’t need to spend a lot of money, you don’t need to move home and you don’t need to abandon the friends around you that can support you. In fact, for many people, drastic changes are much more frightening than simply accepting things have changed and moving on. 

Instead of doing something big, you could make small changes. For instance, speak to your friends and hang out with them on a regular basis. Talk to them about your problems and allow them to give you some advice and cheer you up. Perhaps you could go on a holiday as well, be it alone or with your friends and family. Maybe a relaxing weekend on a sunny beach or exploring a remote area of the world will help you appreciate what you have and accept that the world is constantly changing

Sometimes it’s bittersweet to realise that things have changed, but it’s also something that has to be accepted. Whether it’s admitting defeat or coping with a drastic change that was out of your hands, you need to learn to move on. There will always be a light at the end of the tunnel, so pull yourself together and start that new life that you’ve always wanted to live.

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