Thursday, April 13, 2017

Would You Dare To Dress Your Fella?

Have you noticed just how expensive guys' clothing has got? We girls used to whinge that the cost of our fashion choices was over the top when you considered the amount of material used. Things have changed, and we can dress for less. Perhaps this is why so many guys seem less inclined to update their wardrobe each season! If your fella is looking a little bit too last season (or last decade), would you dare to talk to him about it? 

Of course, we all love our other halves for who they are, not what they look like. But if you’re getting ready for that all-important event at the end of the week, would you like to have a say in what your partner wears? All relationships are different, and how men feel about clothes isn’t always the same as how we feel about fashion. So what can you do? 

Start by asking him what he plans to wear. If you can’t have an honest and upfront conversation, then things might be a little tricky. Common answers might include ‘I don’t know’ or ‘that old thing.' That’s OK. Of course, if you’re not convinced ‘that old thing’ is best for the setting, why not ask him to come shopping with you? 

Sadly some guys aren’t keen mall trawlers. Fortunately, the power of twenty-first technology means you can shop safely online from the comfort of his gaming chair. Pick stores that cater for his build. This is sometimes the best way to get a fresh look for him if he’s a single-brand kind of guy. He might be even more encouraged if he’s getting a bargain. You could check out to see if there is anything that may work there. Vouchers can be pretty cost-effective if two outfits are going to hurt your wallet a little this month. 

Are you confident enough to dress your guy? Knowing his body shape will help give you some idea of the styles of pants and shirts that will best suit his figure. Of course, if you’re dressing to impress at an office party or social event, you might be keen to check out some suits. A three-piece can add up to an expensive outfit when you add the shirt, tie, and shoes in too. But he’ll look amazing, and it can be worn again and again with different shirts and ties for a great new look. 

You might offer to let him pick out something for you to wear, just to even things up a bit. This can actually be a really nice way to spend a quality afternoon together if he’s game. There is no guarantee he’ll have good taste, though!. Still, it will certainly give you some insight into his preferences for fashion, and you might be able to find something new for you that you both love. 

Would you dare to dress your man? It depends on the type of relationship you have and whether he’s a willing participant in your dress-up game. Either way, have fun!

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