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Don't Make A Meal Of Your Man Meeting His In-Laws

There’s always pressure the first time your new partner meets your parents. In those early days of a relationship, gaining your parents approval is paramount. Their opinion can seal the deal and help you rest easy that this guy could be the one. Equally, you’ll want your partner to warm to your parents. Being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t like your family is tough. It could lead to hard decisions down the line. Avoid that by making sure things go right on the first meeting. 


We’re told time and again that first impressions count, and it’s true. Never will it be so important for your man to make a good one. You’ve found the love of your life, and you want your parents to love him too. But, he doesn’t have any idea what they’re like. Help him out by giving him some idea of what would impress them. Would your mum like a bouquet of flowers? Would they prefer he wore a tailor made suit, or something casual? All this is worth considering. The more preparation you both put into that first impression, the better position you’ll be in. It’s hard to undo a bad first impression, and it’s hard to ruin a good one. 


 As well as helping him prepare for the first impression, give your man some background knowledge. Don’t send him in without any clue who he’s meeting. Chances are, he’s heard you talk about your family before. But, go into more detail. Explain what your parents do for a living, and what interests them. If there are any out of bounds topics, make sure he knows. You may think it won’t come up, but it’s not worth taking a risk. 


For that first meeting, it can help to keep things casual. Short is best. You may all want to go out for a meal together in the future, but there’s no need to do that straight away. If anything, that adds too much pressure. Instead, pop round for a coffee. Even better, meet in a mutual setting, like a cafe. That way, things are as low-key as possible. Of course, there’s still going to be pressure, but a lot less of it. Both parties will be able to get an idea of each other in an unimposing way. 


If there’s something you’re holding back about your man, tell you parents before the meeting. It may be that he’s someone you know they’ll instantly disapprove of. It makes sense that you would want to cover this fact. After all, none of that will matter when they get to know his winning personality. But, remember what we said about first impressions? Reveal anything you’ve been hiding before the meeting. That way, they can prepare accordingly. It may be that your man has tattoos you know they’ll hate, or is a little older than you. Whatever it is, it’s best to come clean ahead of time!

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