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Short On Cash? Be Your Own Life Coach

Unless you’ve been hiding under the duvet for the last five years, you’ll be well aware that mindfulness, meditation, and personal development are now major buzzwords in the health and wellness industry. Celebrities and public figures alike, are now choosing to part with thousands of dollars for a single life coaching session, with the average fee coming in at $500 and therapists re-training in order to cash in on this lucrative form of guidance. Sadly, unless you’re the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or Oprah Winfrey, who’s rumored to have a life coach on standby, paying for coaching is probably way down your list of priorities. 

Should You Self Coach? 

The answer to that is really how long is a piece of string? Choosing to life coach yourself is a big decision, it requires discipline, being in touch with your emotions and understanding the need for change and then taking the steps necessary. Popping on a life-coaching hat means assessing yourself, sometimes critically, to see what you may be lacking be it confidence, self-esteem, the ability to take risks or even to stop smoking. A good time to consider spending some time with yourself is when you’re feeling lonely, isolated or stuck in a rut as it’s obvious that you could do with a little extra guidance. However, don’t afraid to take things slow as often people jump in all guns blazing and then find that motivating themselves is quite difficult. 

What Can You Improve?

No one knows what the future holds, not even that best phone psychic you’ve seen advertised in the back of your TV paper. So if you’re feeling dissatisfied it’s vital that you get your ducks in a row to grow as a person. Accepting you need a little extra help is one thing, identifying which area of your life be it finances, relationships, love, commitment or health and doing something about it is another. Start by writing a list of what upsets you the most in life. Is it being passed over for promotion? Not being able to lose weight? Arguing with your partner? Then write down what makes you happiest and hopefully you should see a clear pattern start to emerge. One way to learn what needs changing is to listen to your ‘body compass.’ Do you bounce out of bed first thing on a Monday morning or hit the snooze button for as long as you possibly can without being late? 

Set Goals You Can Do 

So many of us set ourselves impossible tasks and then wonder why we fail. Break down your goals into tiny pieces, even if that means writing out each day what you’re going to do and then having a daily planner so you can keep track of your progress as the weeks go by. Remember, big goals such as improving your communication skills should be tackled one at a time so don’t go lumping it in with needing to exercise more. Consider working on goals from most important to least. You should be able to sum up each one in five words otherwise your thoughts are too convoluted and you may fail.


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