Biggest Flaws Of Your Device Resolved

We are all after the latest gadgets that are on the market. After all, every time a new Samsung phone or an iPhone gets released, people are queuing out the doors at the tech shops. And they can’t wait to see what the latest gadget has to offer. But while they are amazing inventions, they can provide a nightmare when it comes to flaws. And you might be surprised to know how many people end up Googling for help when it comes to their phone or tablet. Here are some of the biggest flaws when it comes to your device, and how to resolve them so you can use it effectively.

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Struggling to see website content 

One thing which can be annoying is when you are trying to look online on your mobile or tablet, and you find that you can barely scroll through the content on a website. In fact, it can become unbearable to move across the page and read the article. But this flaw can easily be fixed if you look to see if there is a mobile or tablet friendly option. More sites than ever are creating mobile-friendly sites as they know their viewers are looking at the sites while on the move. Therefore, see if there is this option to ensure you can look without any trouble. And if you are still having issues, check out the settings on your phone to make sure it’s aligned correctly. 

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Running out of room for photos and videos 

I don’t know about you, but I have had ‘storage is nearly full’ on my phone or tablet. And once it does reach capacity, you struggle to fit any more photos or videos on your device. But as you want to use your device while on the move, you want as much storage as you can. For one thing, you should set up iCloud which is perfect for holding more of your photos and videos. And you could even look at downloading apps like MovieBox which will ensure you have a collection of films you can watch on the move. In fact, you can access their official site via this link to download it straight to your device. And you can use other apps like Dropbox to hold all your photos and videos. Also, when you get a new device, remember to go for the biggest storage available to ensure you don’t run out of space. 

Getting constant app notifications 

Of course, when you get the latest gadget, you will want to download an array of apps. But it can be annoying when you constantly get notifications through on your phone. After all, you don’t need to be reminded about what’s happening on Facebook ten times a day! To ensure you don’t receive these notifications and updates all the time, set it so that they can’t send you notifications. That way, you will have a quiet afternoon and then can click on the app later to see what’s going on! And as this feature reveals, it will save you some battery too! 

And talking of battery, it’s worth carrying a portable charger along with you. After all, when you have a dozen applications up, it’s easy for your battery to run down. That way, you can quickly give it some charge!

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