No More Road Rage: Making Your Commute More Enjoyable!

I'm well aware that not everyone is lucky enough to get to work from home. In fact, most folks have to climb into their cars every morning and drive through the traffic to get their office. For some, their commute can be a relaxing time of the day. Where they get to center themselves and prepare for the tasks ahead. For others it a can be a stressful rush through heavy traffic, and other angry drivers in a bid to not be late to work again. To be the former commuter rather than the latter you should check out my tips below for a much more pleasant trip to work. 

Get Up 

So your alarm goes off in the morning and your pull the cover back over your eyes and hunker down to get 10 or 20 minutes more sleep before you have to get up. But is it worth it? All you are doing is back loading your morning routine which inevitably puts you in a stressed mood and behind schedule for your commute. 

Yes, it is agony sometimes to drag ourselves out of bed. But this feeling soon fades. Is it not so much better to arrive at work on time, calm and ready to start your day than having 10 lousy more minutes asleep? 


Of course, getting up on time in the morning is not the only thing that can improve your commute. You also need to make sure that you have some breakfast as well. I bet road rage could be seriously reduced if all the morning commute drivers made sure that they had a healthy breakfast. As well as a good cup of coffee in the morning before leaving the house! 

A healthy breakfast might be something like some whole grain toast with smashed avocado. Or even some non-sugary cereal. You just need something to make your sure you are alert and awake before you begin your drive. 

Your Car 

Now, it's not only you that can have an effect on your morning commute, but also your car. If your vehicle is prone to breaking down, or it has a stiff gearbox, or a wonky wheel then your drive is going to be fraught with stress and not enjoyable at all. 

That is why you need to make sure you keep your in good conditions by taking it to professional like GSM Automotive for repairs and regular services. Why make your drive any harder than it needs to be? 

Your Driving 

 Apart from your car itself, the way you drive it also has an effect on how enjoyable your morning commute is. If you are rushing to get to work on time, it's likely that you could end up speeding. Which is not only unsafe for you and other drivers on the road. But is also illegal, and so can land you with a big fine, or even in jail. As well as costing you more in gasoline everyday. 

So make sure you get your morning off to a better start by following the tips above. Then you can avoid having to speed and all of the problems that go with it.

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