Give Thanks To The Systems That Make Your Business Tick

It is tempting, sometimes, to think that our business success is down to more or less ourselves. While we give thanks to our staff, deep down we believe that it’s our own drive, intelligence, and creativity that makes our business work as it does. And to an extent, it’s true. You should give yourself a pat on the back every now and again for taking an idea or product and making it into a viable, profitable enterprise. However, there’s a much broader reason you’re successful, and it is: that you exist in a society that allows you to be so. Don’t believe me? Take a read of some of the reasons below and tell me which you could live without.

Local Infrastructure 

You might marvel at your prowess on the phone, your ability to call up a potential customer and talk them into making an order, but what would you do if the infrastructure to make the call wasn’t in place? Most people, business people or otherwise, don’t give much thought to the spectacular infrastructure that surrounds them and allows them to live and do business comfortably. There’s clean water that comes out the tap, roads to take goods and services across the country, planes to take them across the road, and public transport to get you to work. Without the efforts of other people, you’d be nowhere. 

Computer Wizardry 

Can you explain to me, in any detail whatsoever, how a wireless Wi-Fi network works? Can you tell me how you’re able to “download” a powerpoint presentation from another person’s computer? I’ll wager that you can’t. We take for granted the immense technological resources we have. If they don’t work, we have companies like to help us out. We tend to only notice the machines and software when they don’t work; give thanks for when they do and you’ll feel grateful for all they do for you. 

The Government 

Yeah, the government can get a pretty bad rap from time to time, and especially from the business men and women who think they’re not doing enough to help them succeed. But they are doing enough - they did enough decades ago, when they provided you with the education you need to succeed. Also, while nobody likes when the government interferes with their success, they’re more than happy to be protected by government legislature. You are a product of a social system that has done well by you - don’t turn your back on it after you mistakenly believe it’s all down to you. 

The People 

You probably value your customers already, but do you value the broader system that invites people to want to better and improve themselves? It’s the reason people start businesses, look for services that will improve their lot in life, and so on. We’re all flailing around, to an extent, but the general message is that people want to be a success, want to do the right thing. It’s this mentally, a beautiful one, that brings people into your company.

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