Feel Incredible Come February 14th

February 14th isn’t too far away - and you all know what that means! Loved up couples are going to be doing nice things for one another, and more than likely planning a hot date to boot. Whether you have a date for February 14th or not, it’s still nice to feel incredible. Who knows? You might just meet someone in time to bag yourself a romantic dinner! If you don’t - take yourself out! Self love is absolutely crucial. Whatever your situation, use the following tips to feel incredible when the day comes: 

Treat Yourself To Something Nice To Wear 

The clothes we wear do matter, despite what some people will tell you. If you wear an outfit that you love, you’re instantly going to feel happier and more confident. Treat yourself to something nice to wear, whether you’re going out on a date or not! This doesn’t mean you have to wear a tight little dress if that’s not how you feel comfortable. Make sure you buy something that feels like ‘you’!

Pay Attention To The Finer Details 

It’s important you pay attention to the finer details if you’re going to feel incredible. Your outfit will make you feel great, sure, but what about the things you think don’t really matter? Paint your nails, and take an extra 5 minutes to blowdry your hair. It’ll make all the difference! Not only that, the underwear you choose can make a huge difference to how you feel. Just ask the guys at Tutti Rouge! Your underwear can make or break your outfit - nobody wants a visible pantyline. Pay attention to make sure you’ve chosen the right underwear for your outfit and that you feel good in it. There are all kinds of flattering styles out there today. 

Pamper Yourself 

If there ever was a time to pamper yourself, it’s now. Start taking real care of your skin, getting into a good skincare routine and even treating yourself to a face mask. Apply a hair mask to make your hair soft and silky smooth. Apply some self tanner to give yourself a healthy golden glow. Maybe even treat yourself to a nice bath bomb and spend time soaking in the water! You deserve it, so make sure you take a little extra time for yourself. 

Move Your Body 

Everybody should get used to moving their bodies, although most still lead sedentary lifestyles. The fact is, getting active releases endorphins that make us feel good about ourselves. Whether you decide to go for a swim or do some yoga doesn’t matter. What matters is that you enjoy it and it makes you feel good!

Eat Foods That Make You Feel Vibrant and Alive 

Some foods will make you feel great. Others might taste nice at first, before making you feel icky afterwards. The foods that make us feel most vibrant and alive are usually vegetables, fruit, and other natural foods. If you fill your diet with as much of this stuff as possible, you’re gonna feel unstoppable!

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