Doctor Or Nurse? You Decide

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If you want to enter the medical industry and work in a hospital or a clinic, you really have two main options. You can either be a doctor, or you can be a nurse, and it’s entirely up to you on what choice you make here. Although there are certainly advantages and disadvantages of each option. Let’s take a look at a few and see which one could be ideally suited for you. 

No Time For Patients As A Doctor 

Yes, it’s true, as a doctor you’ll have very little time for patients interactions. In fact, essentially, you’ll spend about 90 seconds each day with one of your patients. That doesn’t give a lot of time for human interaction and is certainly not the picture medical dramas paint of the situation. 

Long Hours Low Pay 

Nurses on the other hand, often work for long hours, usually staying later than even the doctors and work for less pay. As a doctor, your salary can be anything all the way up to half a million a year. The highest position as a nurse will pay somewhere in the region of forty, thousand. 

No Degree Needed 

Although the main benefit of being a nurse might be the best option. As a nurse, you won’t need a degree. Instead, you can enter into the medical professional without the eight years of training and huge list of qualifications. You can jump right into helping people and your choices won’t be limited there. It’s even possible to be a midwife, delivering babies without a full doctor's degree. You can read more about that in the infographic below.


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