Bringing Your Business Into The 21st Century

It’s 2017, which means that if you aren’t fully on the technology bus then you need to hop on soon because otherwise it’s going to leave without you. Leaving that metaphor aside, it’s important to do your best to keep up with the latest innovations in business. Here are some tips on how to do so…

Make Your Office Beautiful

There’s nothing more depressing than the idea of going into a grey, gloomy office on a Monday morning – so as a boss it’s your responsibility to lift a little of that doom and make it a beautiful work environment. Provide pot plants (although make sure you water them regularly, because a row of dead plants has a slightly apocalyptic vibe) and make sure that there’s plenty of open space, as well as facilities to make food, tea and coffee. You should also make sure that the bathrooms are equipped with quality soap – treating your employees well will make them feel valued at work and loyal to the company.

Go Paperless 

If your office still uses a lot of paper then it’s time to ditch that immediately. Not only is using too much paper bad for the environment but it also creates a cluttered, untidy office space and makes it extremely easy to lose things – we all know that it’s a lot easier to search through your emails or documents for what you want instead of looking through an entire filing cabinet. Although it’s pretty much impossible to go completely paper free, it’s important to get your employees to ask themselves if they really need to print things and if they can do their jobs perfectly well without printing documents. Changing the way that people think is the way to eventually change the world, after all.

Get New Tech Solutions

It’s important to move with the times – and there are new innovations in technology happening all the time. If you’re not sure how exactly to incorporate them into your company, try looking online for the top IT managed services companies that can help you. Make sure that all your workers are fully trained in all your IT systems so that they feel confident and not out of their depth at work – there’s nothing that’s more discouraging than feeling as though you’re bad at your job or that it’s slipping out of your reach so it’s crucial that you make sure that your employees know exactly what they’re doing.

Support Your Employees 

More and more as times change, it’s important for companies to support their workers’ health. Make sure that the office is a comfortable space to work in, with plenty of natural light and fresh air, and ensure that you encourage your employees to move around and take their full lunch breaks with some time to get outside and stretch their legs. Foster a community atmosphere by providing a couple of company lunches each month so that everyone can get to know each other, and provide company drinks after work at least once a month. Not only is this great for morale but you might just end up making some new friends too.

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