Got an Hour to Kill? Here Are Some Fun Ways to Burn Time With the Internet

Let’s face it, we aren’t always active and busy when we’re at the computer. Sure you might tell your boss you’re working, and maybe you tell your friends that you’re really busy and that you can’t get away from your computer right now. Don’t be ashamed—it happens to everyone. But luckily, there are certain times when we do actually want to kill a bit of time. For example, if we’re waiting for a takeout order to arrive, or if we need to wait for our boss to come back before we can continue working. There are plenty of good reasons to burn some time, but how can you make the most of an hour? Read on to find out!

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Play a game 

The internet is full of fun games to play that don’t even require downloads. If you’re in the mood for some strategic, then how about a game of Chess? If you want something that doesn’t require much thinking, try out some Cookie Clicker or another idle game that you can leave on while you work. Want something with a bit more action? How about, an evolution of the classic game of Snake. Feeling lucky? Then how about a trip to Unibet casino to play for the thrill or play for money?  
There are so many games that there’s bound to be something you can bookmark and come back to whenever you need to burn some time. A quick Google search will reveal thousands of results and you will never be bored again. 

Browse videos 

YouTube has so much content on its platform that it would be almost impossible to watch everything on the website. From food reviews to travel guides and wood crafting projects, there are so many genres, niches and content creators that you could binge on YouTube for an entire day and feel like you’ve not only learned something, but feel like you’ve had plenty of fun in the process! 

But YouTube isn’t the only source of entertaining and informative videos on the internet. If you prefer to study something, there are sites such as Lynda that carry thousands of tutorials and guides made by industry professionals. You can learn to draw, program, design and even learn about business.
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Discuss Something 

There are a countless number of online communities that specialise in different subjects. Reddit is perhaps the biggest online community that hosts many subreddits which engage in talks about everything from cats to quantum physics. You could get lost in a web of subreddits and read about almost anything. These communities are constantly updated and they can have up to millions of readers and viewers all contributing to the discussion.  

You can post pictures, stories, ideas—anything! If your content is popular, then you’ll receive upvotes and positive comments that push your content higher up so that more people can see it. It doesn’t win you anything like money, but it does give you a sense of accomplishment for having contributed to a community and sparked a discussion.

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