The Signs Of A True Gentleman

Men want to appear sincere, down to earth and gentlemanlike. It isn’t easy, but if you present yourself in such a way you will see your personal life excel in all of its dealings. You should present yourself well to everyone, but if you are in business it has exceptional value. People are more likely to do business with someone who presents themselves well instead of someone who looks scruffy or comes across in the wrong way. You can spend hours shopping for the right stuff, but it isn’t just clothes that matter. There are other things to consider too. Here are some top tips regarding how you can present yourself. 

Stay Well Groomed 

If you are presenting yourself as a businessman at an important event then appearing well groomed is important. You can keep a beard or stubble, it just needs to look neat and classy otherwise people will think you don’t invest time in yourself, and someone who does not invest time in themselves may not do so in their business. It is a strange connotation to make, granted, but it is how many people think across the world. Keep your beard and facial hair touched up. The best way to do this is with a razor and you can find the best ones reviewed at Stay well groomed and you’ll appear as such.

Speak Well 

You need to speak well. This means cutting out the slang. You don’t need to put on any kind of accent, just cut out the local dialect if you can and try to speak properly, without words the person you're speaking to won’t understand. It is harder than you think, especially if you’re from somewhere that has a thick accent compared to the rest of your country. You want to appear serious, and business like, not at all jokey or false. It can see you go a long way in business. Carry yourself well and you’ll see the results come in. Your manners are huge too. Mind your P’s and Q’s as they say and try to always come across as the man you want to be. 

Check Your Posture 

Carry yourself well. It can be impossible, try it. Hold yourself up high and stand with a straight back. It can be done for a moment or two but doing it all night or day can be a tough feat. However, if you can do it you’ll look much better and seem taller too. If you slouch it looks sluggish and sloppy, so always try to stand the best you can. There are some further tips for great posture here. Keep it on the back of your mind and hopefully you’ll keep reminding yourself to stand up straight. 

Dress Well 

What you wear says a lot about you. In the business world you should try to alway wear a suit and lean towards traditionality rather than style. Sure, you can go for an out there tie, but for the most part keep it simple and you’ll put out the right vibes.

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